by | Dec 9, 2015

The Holiday season is upon us and if you are the type of person that has already checked off all those items on your shopping list then this post may serve more as entertainment than of much use. However, if you fall into the other category of people, the ones that just realized they only have a couple weeks left to hunt down all the perfect gifts, then hopefully this gift guide will provide some much needed suggestions for those cool friends and family you want to spoil.

We here at Fox Force Five are obviously very dedicated to the things we love, so here are some great gift ideas for the gamer, comic readers, or well-rounded nerds on your list this year.

Star Wars Micro Comic Collector Pack $3.99

IDW PublishingmicrostarwarscomicThe Star Wars Micro Comic Collector Packs celebrate one of the greatest films off all-time with a special set of throwback collectibles that will capture imaginations all over again. Each foil pack includes a mini-replica of the original 1977 Marvel comic adaptation of the film as well as a 3-D poster, complete with Star Wars branded 3-D glasses, and one of 36 different Star Wars comic cards with puzzle backs!

LEGO Minifigures $3.49MinifigureSeries14Don’t have the space for all those bases, castles and ships? Lego Minifigures are the answer. These randomly packaged figures, Series 14, are all Monsters, so try your luck for Monster Scientist, Gargoyle, Spectre and Plant Monster.

Dorbz $7.99

Vinyl Sugar/FunkoFunko-Dorbz-Marvel-1Much like the larger vinyl Pop! by Funko, Drobz are about half the size and each have a cute smiling expression. With an assortment of licensed characters from Disney, to comics & horror movie characters, there are tons of figures to choose from for everyone.

The Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener $17.99

Diamond SelectInfinityGauntletPkg1aThe coveted Infinity Gauntlet can finally be yours, and with its immense power bottles can be opened with ease. Finished with gold chrome and inset ‘gems,’ this opener has an opening in the back for removing bottle caps, and is a must-have collectible. The Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener is not small, measuring 5-inches tall x 3 1/2-inches wide x 1-inches long, but what would you expect from an object with this much power.

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