Welcome to 615 Film!

615 Film has officially launched! 


615 Film has officially launched! 

After weeks of development and creative consideration, I’m excited to present to all of you my Nashville-centric website, 615 Film – a site dedicated to movie reviews, discussions and interviews – all from Nashville.

If you’ve been following me before 615 Film, as a Film/TV critic on either Fox Force Five News or on Twitter, then you know I love to critique movies. After being at Fox Force Five News for over a year, I feel like now is the time to branch off on my own and test the waters for myself with my own site. If you want to see why 615 Film was created, please visit the “About” page.

With 615 Film having now launched, the site’s first article (well, second if you count this one) will talk about the case for Andy Serkis winning an Oscar for his role as Caesar in War for the Planet of the Apes. And tomorrow, we will publish our first movie review, which is for Christopher Nolan’s latest movie, Dunkirk!

Until then, you can do the following: like and share 615 Film on Facebook, follow 615 Film on Twitter, and tell everybody you know about 615 Film!

Also, if you live in the Nashville area and are interested in writing for 615 Film, please send me your résumé at seanjatkins@bellsouth.net. I plan on adding a couple of contributors to the site!

To everyone who has been following me over the years, thank you for your support! It means the world to me.

Even though 615 Film may eventually fail, I guess I won’t know until I try. Who knows. Maybe it’ll be successful or something.



Author: Sean Atkins

“I’m a Healthcare Program Coordinator by day and movie/television junkie by night. I like to write for the purpose of entertainment and criticism, not clickbait. Also, trailer reaction videos are the worst. Seriously.”