New Trailer: ‘It’ is Shaping Up to Be the Horror Event of the Year

Yeah, we used a pun in the title of the article that refers to the shape-shifting clown from Stephen King’s terrifying novel.


 Yeah, we used a pun in the title of the article that refers to the shape-shifting clown from Stephen King’s terrifying novel.

NOTE: We won’t write articles for every trailer that’s released. Just the ones we think are significant enough to talk about.

Back in April, Warner Brothers released a teaser trailer for It, which is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name about a shape-shifting clown who terrorizes a small town in Maine. The teaser trailer took the Internet by storm and became the most-watched online movie trailer ever. In an age where comic book movies dominate social media buzz as well as the box office itself, a horror movie and claiming the title of most-watched trailer ever is saying a lot.

This morning, Warner Brothers released the official, full-length trailer for It, which gives us a closer look at the upcoming horror adaptation:

I’m glad Warner Brothers waited to release the first full look at It until just over a month prior to the movie’s release. And while it still looks frightening, I’m glad, as was the case with the teaser trailer, that it (no pun intended) doesn’t reveal too much.

By all indications (and good indications, for that matter), It is shaping up to be the horror event of the year; I would even go far as to say it might be the biggest horror movie since 2013’s The Conjuring.

I’m currently reading the book so I can finish it before the movie’s release. If you aren’t aware, It is being split into two movies, with the first focusing on the kids being terrorized in small town Maine. The second installment, which is set to begin production sometime next year, will focus on the kids grown up and returning to the town.

As someone who has always been wary of the genre, this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a horror movie in a long time. I can’t wait to have nightmares about clowns; okay, not really. But you know what I mean.

When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, neighborhood kids band together to square off against Pennywise, an evil clown whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. Warner Brothers will release It in theaters on September 9.

Author: Sean Atkins

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