Will ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Have the Longest Runtime of Any Recent Blockbuster?

Also, is it October yet? 


Also, is it October yet? 

One of the most anticipated movies of fall 2017 is Dennis Villeneuve’s follow-up to the beloved Blade Runner. Rumors have surfaced that the runtime of Blade Runner 2049 is an impressive 163 minutes.  That is just shy of being a three hour movie.  Audiences can expect to get comfortable with some gorgeous Roger Deakins cinematography portraying this impressive cast for a long haul *insert heart eyes emoji*.

Runtimes for blockbusters have been well over the 2-hour mark for sometime.  2014’s Interstellar clocked in at 169 minutes.  The longest Marvel film runs at about 147 minutes.  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice original runtime was 151 minutes, with the Ultimate Edition bumping it up to over 3 hours.  Long movies are to be expected nowadays, so long as studios know what to do with the padded runtime.

Fingers crossed that Blade Runner 2049 is better for having a longer run time.  The original was 157 minutes, which is still a good amount of time.  Hopefully this means Villeneuve held it pretty close to the chest when it comes to the source material.  Having opted out of the festival circuit, audiences can expect to get their first look at the film when it hits theaters in October.