‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ Release Date Announced

And now it’s time to start counting down the days. 


And now it’s time to start counting down the days. 

The John Wick movies have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The first had one of the simplest stories ever made for an action movie, but the execution was spot-on. And the sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2, was one of the few sequels that was actually better than the original. So, naturally, when The Hollywood Reporter reported that the next installment in the John Wick franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3, would be released on May 17, 2019, the hype train started its engine as excitement begins to build for this third go-around with Keanu Reeves starring as the skilled ex-hitman.

I am interested to see how the screenplay for Chapter 3 comes together. With the way Chapter 2 ends, it hinted that everyone connected to John Wick would be hunting him down the next time we saw him. The foundation built in this action franchise is layered with so many possibilities that it’s exciting to think just how Chapter 3 will play out once it’s released in 2019. One can bet (or hope) that the action in Chapter 3 will be three times as intense as the two previous installments.

Side note: I really hope Chapter 3 is the last installment in the John Wick franchise. I would love just a great trilogy, not 20 more movies with the same over-the-top action coupled with a thin plot (Yes, this is a shot at the Fast and Furious franchise. PLEASE. STOP. MAKING. THEM.). But given Hollywood’s ever-changing view on how far franchises should run their courses, only time will tell if the John Wick franchise will be unnecessarily stretched out.

Either way, are you excited for John Wick: Chapter 3?