New Trailer: Can ‘Tomb Raider’ Crack the Code for Video Game Adaptations?

“Death is not an adventure.”*  


“Death is not an adventure.”*  

*(especially for video game adaptations)

Well, the official trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation reboot, Tomb Raider, is here. Personally, I am finding it rather difficult to get excited for it. Video game adaptations have such an awful track record. However, with Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander headlining the movie as the famed archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft, there is a little bit of hope for this.

Played to the beat of “Black Betty”, the trailer is cut together nicely and doesn’t give away too much about the story (though the title of the movie kinda gives it away, right?). The movie definitely looks adventurous and entertaining, not to mention a little stylish despite some noticeably unfinished CGI. The biggest fear I have is whether or not it’ll have a good story and character depth, which is something that almost all previous video game adaptations have lacked. Also, will it be an hour and a half or longer than two hours? In the end, I hope they find a happy medium with the final cut.

As a video game franchise, “Tomb Raider” has become a popular amongst gamers once again with its 2013 reboot and 2015 follow up. Based on the look of the trailer, it looks like the studio is going with that same aesthetic seen in the rebooted video game franchise. We can only hope that it’s not cheesy and over the top like many video game adaptations have been in the past though.

The casting of Alicia Vikander as the vivacious Lara Croft is interesting. Her talent is undeniable, but I’ll be interested to see how the action scenes come across on screen and how she’s able to take on bad guys that look twice her size. I also like the casting of Walton Goggins as the antagonist; Goggins is most famous for playing one of the best villains in television history in the hit FX show Justified.

I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m slightly intrigued after the trailer. Are you excited for Tomb Raider?