Liam Neeson Says He has a Few Action Movies Left in Him

But do we really want to see him play the same character again?


But do we really want to see him play the same character again?

Liam Neeson is on the back-end of his career. The 65-year-old actor heavily gravitated to action films in the early 2000s and stayed in that genre after the critically-acclaimed Taken in 2008. First reported by New Magazine, Neeson was asked earlier this month whether his next films, The Commuter and Hard Powder, would be his last in the action genre. Neeson responded, saying, “They’re still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff.” Later on, he said, “When I was in the gym this morning, I thought, you know, I’ve got two more years left.” In the past, Neeson has hinted that the end of his action roles is on the horizon. However, earlier this year he expressed that he still loved doing the stunt work in action films.

The real question is: Do we really want to see him play the same character again? With the Taken franchise, Run All Night, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and Non-Stop, personally, I’ve seen more than enough of Liam Neeson saving/killing everybody.

Neeson has done action films his entire career, but people tend to forget that he is a fantastic dramatic actor as well. Most notably there is the iconic 1993 Spielberg classic, Schindler’s List. In addition to that, there is Michael Collins, Rob Roy, Gangs of New York, Kinsey, and Martin Scorsese’s 2016 underrated, Silence. Neeson is extremely talented and well rounded. I just hate how he has been type-cast into these action/adventure roles over the last 10 years. I mean, the man is Oscar nominated; he can do more than fire a gun and beat bad guys to death.

My hope is that Neeson does maybe one more action movie after The Commuter and Hard Powder release in 2018, and then returns to some dramatic supporting roles. Right now, he’s at a perfect point in his career to land roles as a younger actor’s dad, grandfather, or mentor. While he is a great action star, Neeson has oversaturated himself for the past decade. I know some people who are just tired of seeing him in every movie; but that might change if those movies featured him in a completely different character. I just hope he takes a few risks instead of merely saying yes to the big paycheck.