The Top Five Oscar Contenders Hitting Theaters this Fall

Oscar season, the most wonderful time of the year, is finally here.


Oscar season, the most wonderful time of the year, is finally here.

Ah, Oscar season is upon us. Some years, there are clear choices that sweep all the categories, and other years, the race is completely wide open. 2017 is one of those years where there is no clear front-runner for Best Picture right now. Personally speaking, I love it whenever there is an open race because anything can happen and there are plenty of surprises. This list is for the top five movies coming out this fall, where all of them have a considerable chance to land a Best Picture nomination.

5. Blade Runner 2049

Okay, I’ll admit: this one is a bold prediction. But there is just SO much talent on screen and behind the camera, so there’s no way that Blade Runner 2049 doesn’t get at least a few technical nominations (like Best Cinematography). But on the flip side, I also think that there’s a small chance Blade Runner 2049 could get a Best Picture nomination and a Best Director nomination. But time will tell once the race takes shape near the end of the year.

4. The Florida Project

The buzz around The Florida Project has been very promising. With a current Metascore of 92 from 12 critics, if anything, A24’s latest will be another critical darling. But still, Willem Dafoe is a likely shoe-in for a Best Supporting Actor nomination, and once the movie is released in late October, don’t be surprised if this jolts to the near-top of front runners for Best Picture.

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Loved by both audiences and critics (to an extent) at the early festival circuits, this dark comedy could be the biggest surprise come awards season. So far, a substantial amount of praise is being given to the entire cast (not to mention the directing and writing seem very promising). Once the awards season takes shape, I can see this film nominated for every category that’s not technical. But hey, the great thing about the Oscar race in unknown years is that it’s ever-changing.

2. The Post

On paper (pun-intended), Steven Spielberg’s The Post is the most stacked film of all the releases coming out this fall. With the legendary director behind the camera and Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep leading the cast, there’s a good chance The Post could sweep the Oscars. Special things tend to happen when Spielberg and Hanks team up on a project, so yeah, we can’t wait for this one.

1. Call Me by Your Name

Since the beginning of the year with the Sundance Film Festival, no film has received more buzz than Call Me by Your Name. Based on the early, rave reviews, Armie Hammer will almost certainly receive a Best Actor nomination. Right now, I predict it will get six or seven nominations, including Best Picture.