Get Your Halloween Fix at The Belcourt

If you’re looking for scares to go along with a good time, The Belcourt is the place to be next month.  


If you’re looking for scares to go along with a good time, The Belcourt is the place to be next month.  

It’s no secret that all of us here at 615 Film love The Belcourt Theatre; you’ll often find someone here on our staff visiting the nonprofit film center once a week or so.

With that said, October is a special month at The Belcourt Theatre. Aside from the new releases coming to the venue next month (one of which is Oscar front-runner The Florida Project), The Belcourt celebrates Halloween every year by showing off horror classics on the big screen all month long.

Below, we highlight three events you should attend at The Belcourt next month that are worth your time and money. If you’ve never been to the The Belcourt, make no mistake: it’s the place to be to watch and celebrate the horror genre every October.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you plan on attending any of these special events, you should buy your tickets early because all of these are a near-guarantee to sell out.

Friday the 13th – October 13 & 14

What better way to honor one of the best slasher series of all-time than by seeing the original 1980 horror classic on an actual Friday the 13th? Part of The Belcourt’s ongoing Midnight Movies series, if you’ve only seen Friday the 13th on television, we encourage you to journey on over to Belcourt Ave and visit Crystal Lake on the big screen on the movie’s special day.


12 Hours of Terror – October 21 at 10PM until October 22 at 10AM


The Belcourt’s annual tradition of non-stop horror mayhem continues, as the venue will show off seven movies throughout the night for the price of only $25. If you’re up to the challenge, we recommend you take part in one of the best events the nonprofit center puts on every single year. Side note: five of the seven movies will remain a secret until the movie begins playing. Who doesn’t like surprise showings?


The Rocky Horror Picture Show – October 27, 28, & 31

What better way to cap off Halloween than by watching the beloved horror parody that’s considered one of the best cult movies ever? Part of the Midnight Movies series at The Belcourt, along with a special showing on Halloween, all three showings of this screwball musical are sure to be packed with fans singing along with the movie’s hit moments. If you love this classic, and its iconic star Tim Curry, this is a must-see at The Belcourt.

Author: Sean Atkins

“I’m a Healthcare Program Coordinator by day and movie/television junkie by night. I like to write for the purpose of entertainment and criticism, not clickbait. Also, trailer reaction videos are the worst. Seriously.”