The Han Solo Star Wars Spin-Off Finally has a Title

Simple, but significant (like our site).


Simple, but significant (like our site).

The title for the upcoming Hans Solo Star Wars spin-off film has finally been revealed.

Director Ron Howard revealed the title of the film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, via his Twitter account this morning, which is simple and right to the point. I’m glad they didn’t try anything too over the top.

Howard took over directing this past summer after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go because of “creative differences.” Ron Howard is a veteran filmmaker with some great movies under his belt such as Rush, Cinderella Man, and A Beautiful Mind. Directing a Star Wars movie is slightly out of his genre, but I believe the Force is strong with him.

Howard has been doing a good job teasing fans on Twitter over the months, giving fans behind the scenes looks every so often to wet the appetite of Star Wars fans across the galaxy. I think Solo: A Star Wars Story is a big test for LucasFilms and Disney, mainly because it will prove whether or not these spin-off movies will be a huge success. Last year’s Rogue One did well at the box office, but it wasn’t loved by fans and critics like The Force Awakens. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters May 25th, 2018. What do you think of the title?