Illumination to Produce Mario Movie, and I’m Dead Inside

Here’s to hoping we don’t get a Mario/Minions crossover.


Here’s to hoping we don’t get a Mario/Minions crossover.

It seems that Nintendo, one of the oldest video game companies in the industry, has been working on a deal with Illumination Entertainment, the Comcast owned Studio that unleashed Minions upon the world.  This deal will give Illumination the rights to produce a feature length animated Mario movie, with Nintendo supervising the production. Shigeru Miyamoto, series creator, will serve as a producer for the film.

A Mario movie with Illumination will probably do well, as they can always turn a profit at the box office.  I think Illumination does some groundbreaking work with animation, but their films have almost no substance.  The plots are thin and stuffed with kid humor.  The main focus of their movies is to keep kids mindlessly entertained for 90 minutes at a time. Studios like Pixar actually produce a movie that works for both children and adults.

Video games movies are a terrible track record, with last year’s “Assassin’s Creed” being the most recent flop. “Warcraft” did terribly in the US but profited overseas.  With Mario being placed in the hands of a successful animation studio, we will more than likely see the first video game movie to make a serious profit at the box office.  Our beloved plumber just deserves a better studio to call its home for its first big studio outing.