The 615 Film Staff Predicts the Rotten Tomatoes Score for ‘Justice League’

We can only hope that Film Twitter will not be engulfed in flames by DC fanboys once the score is out.


We can only hope that Film Twitter will not be engulfed in flames by DC fanboys once the score is out.

Tonight at 11:00PM CST on their new Facebook page, Rotten Tomatoes will reveal the Tomatometer score for Warner Brothers’ Justice League, See It/Skip It (Which, yeah, is dumb as it sounds).

After months of anticipation/worry/whatever, four of the five members of the 615 Film staff saw Justice League at an advance screening here in Nashville last night (Side note: if you’re reading this staff contributor Kevin, we’re sorry. We poured one out for you). After seeing the highly anticipated comic book movie featuring the assembling of DC Comics’ greatest heroes, we here at 615 Film wanted to guess and see what the Rotten Tomatoes score would be before it is unveiled later tonight.

Below, you’ll find our Rotten Tomatoes score predictions along with brief explanations for those scores. And tomorrow we’ll have our full review of Justice League, coming from staff contributor Michael Welsh.

Sean: While I waited in the press line to give my reaction to the marketing representative coordinating the Justice League screening, I kept hearing the same consensus in various ways from other members of the press: “I liked it” or “I thought it was fine” along with some saying, “I look forward to seeing these characters in future movies.” And I would have to agree with the consensus as well. How will other critics across the country respond? I’m thinking the critical reaction will be close to Man of Steel’s, which has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 55%. Score prediction: 51%

Michael: Justice League will fare better with the critics than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but will not be received as well as Wonder Woman. I think it’ll fall somewhere near Man of SteelScore prediction: 62%

Scotty: Justice League’s glaring faults can’t be masked in this two-hour rush to the finish. Is it better than expected? Sure. But is it a good movie? Only at times. Score prediction: 45%

Grant: The DCEU is finally getting on the right path, but this movie feels like a stepping stone. Audiences can tell it had two different directors and went through reshoot hell. While there are some amazing scenes, the film falls to the same issues of some many comic book movies with CGI overload and a placeholder villain. It’s no Wonder Woman, but it’s no Suicide Squad, either. Score prediction: 40%

Author: Sean Atkins

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