New Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Looks Electrifying in ‘You Were Never Really Here’

Can this movie hit theaters tomorrow please?

Back in May, the Cannes Film Festival screened some of the most promising movies to come out in the latter half of 2017 and early 2018. While some were excited for The Beguiled and Good Time (which both turned out to be damn good films), I was very intrigued by director Lynne Ramsay’s thrilling You Were Never Really Here. Honestly, the photos of a rugged Joaquin Phoenix were enough to tell me this movie had potential. This morning we got a new trailer for You Were Never Really Here and it looks incredible. Phoenix looks in top form and Ramsay’s vision and story looks precise and exhilarating.

The story follows a troubled and fearless veteran searching for a young missing girl. So, it sounds like a simple enough story and with the movie clocking in at only 85 minutes, one can guess that it’ll get right to the point. Ramsay won Best Screenplay and Phoenix won Best Actor at Cannes, so You Were Never Really Here is shaping up to be an exciting ride when it hits theaters April 6th, 2018.