Disney Closes Deal to Buyout Fox, and I Feel Fine

The industry will be just fine, you guys.


The industry will be just fine, you guys. 

Over the past few weeks there has been many a story about Disney buying out Fox, effectively seizing all of their IPs.  This is a huge deal as Disney already owns many popular franchises, and Fox maintained the rights to some big box office players such as X-Men and Avatar.  At first the deal was shut down, but now it seems negotiations have opened back up and Fox has sold.

Many believe this will be a huge upset in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, it is ABSOLUTELY huge. However, Disney has done justice by the properties they control thus far.  The Marvel movies continue to be a box office smash, an they have been known to move into grittier territory like with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Disney has produced three great Star Wars films since acquiring the franchise, and I would even say the three movies they have made are better than the four George Lucas himself directed.

I have full faith in Disney to do right by whatever properties they gain from this buyout.  After the proven success of R-rated superhero movies with Deadpool and Logan, it would prove beneficial to them to continue to release similar films under Fox Searchlight.  Disney may be most known for its kid friendly franchises, but at the same time it is a huge money making company.  If they are buying out Fox for it’s properties that have a chance to profit, I doubt they will temper with them too hard.

Many also fear this could have an effect on indie cinema, as Fox Searchlight has put out some really strong independently produced films over the past decade.  While there is some credence to these fears, I doubt it will completely affect these distributions.  If Searchlight remains intact under Disney’s control, then they could still buy these distribution rights to these films. If not, A24 continues to put out indie hit after indie hit.  They aren’t going anywhere.

Who knows what’ll happen in the coming years for cinema?  Disney may very well own every single production house and property by the time it’s all said and done.  They have the money and power to do so, but I’m still a firm believer that the industry will be just fine.

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