New Trailer: ‘Under the Silver Lake’ Looks Exhilarating and Quirky

A24 might have another classic on their hands.

Ever since Director/Writer David Robert Mitchell blessed the big screen with It Follows in 2014, we’ve all been waiting to see what he does next. Yesterday, the first trailer for his crime thriller Under the Silver Lake hit the internet and, needless to say, it looks very original and entertaining (just like It Follows).

This trailer doesn’t feel anything like It Follows, so it’ll be interesting to see what director David Robert Mitchell does with a film outside of the horror genre. Under the Silver Lake feels a lot more upbeat and possibly funny mixed with a thrilling undertone. There’s also a very good chance it could have several twists and turns that’ll make for an edge of your seat experience too.

With Academy Award nominee Andrew Garfield as the lead actor, the talent on both sides of the camera is very much exciting. Between this and Hereditary, a summer of two promising A24 releases can’t get here soon enough.