5 Comic Reboots on Our Radar

by | Feb 6, 2019

The past few years have definitely been great for comic books. Not only have writers and illustrators come up with even more creative ways to present classic characters, but newer creatives have also added their own flair to the industry’s beloved icons. Of course, not every reboot is a good one — as we have seen from the likes of 2016’s Rebirth — but there are a few golden ones that break out of the mould and defy even the most stubborn naysayers. That said, here some of the best comic reboots on our radar:

Dick Tracy


There haven’t been any new or original Dick Tracy adventures in actual comic books since the True Hearts and Tommy Guns Trilogy was released in 1990. But this year, Den of Geek reports that Hermes Press will release a brand new Dick Tracy graphic novel by Richard Pietrzyk. For the uninitiated, Pietrzyk has worked on the original strips alongside Tracy creator Chester Gould.

According to Hermes Press, the new story will be a film noir adventure, set to take place during the 1940s. This means that the creators might just be tracing Dick Tracy’s steps during his early years as a detective.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

IMAGE CREDIT: variety.com

Before there were vampires that glimmered in the sun and had super strength and speed, there were the ones that tormented Buffy Summers, more popularly known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 2019 is the year fans will see her in a new light as the creative team of Jordie Bellaire and Dan Mora create a new world that fans should definitely follow. Boom! executive editor Jeanine Schaefer says that they have reimagined the story of Buffy and the gang for today’s new generation of readers. Schaefer went on to say, “The world right now is scarier than it’s ever been. Placing these characters firmly in 2019, we can use the themes of identity, agency, and empathy to examine our world and the heroes and monsters that lurk inside all of us.”

Your Pal Archie

IMAGE CREDIT: ArchieComics.com

If you didn’t already know, Archie Comics announced in 2017 that their classic-style Archie will get a reboot with a notable twist. The new series will be written by Ty Templeton and Dan Parent, who tweaked the artwork to incorporate visual influences from the hit television series Riverdale.

In the first two stories of the first issue, Jughead tries to get his driver’s license and Archie, as always, attempts to woo Veronica. Meanwhile, in the second issue, Archie wins a whopping 15 million dollars on the lottery. That doesn’t sound like much compared to today’s lottery prizes — the MegaMillions jackpot has reached as high as $144 million in recent years, according to Lottoland, while the Powerball jackpot is a whopping $230 million — but it is still quite the sum, especially if you’re still set in the original Archie comics’ era. Nonetheless, the lottery win proves to be an interesting plot device, prompting wonderful reactions from the characters in Archie and readers alike, as we see how Archie himself hilariously adjusts to life as part of the 1%.

Power Rangers

IMAGE CREDIT: Image by Jamal Campbell (Cover of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ #31)

As if the whole Archie series was not enough to send you back to your childhood days, last year, Boom! Studios announced a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. The new creative team of Marguerite Bennett and illustrator Simone di Meo will take over and present a new iteration of the Mighty Morphin heroes inspired from other Power Rangers from different teams. If you don’t own a copy yet, check it out now and see how it surpasses the characters’ previous series, Shattered Grid.



From that blast from the past, IDW publishing sends you to the future with a brand-new Transformers series this year. It will be available in March and will be written by Godless World author Brian Ruckley and illustrated by Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph. You will be able to explore the idyllic society of Cybertron through the eyes of young Bumblebee and his friends as they watch the very fabric of Cybertronian civilisation be torn apart. When talking about the comic, Ruckley said, “Bringing Transformers fans this story is a real privilege. It’s an amazing opportunity for new readers to discover and explore one of the biggest universes and one of the best casts of characters.”