A-FORCE ASSEMBLE!! Issue #1 Packs A Punch, with Lots of Promise [Review]

by | May 22, 2015

A-FORCE ASSEMBLE!! A-Force #1 masterfully builds on the framework of Battleworld established in Secret Wars issues #1 & #2. Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson skillfully craft this first issue featuring an all-new, all-female Avengers team. She-Hulk, Baroness of Arcadia, leads this all-star cast of Captain Marvel, Ms. America, Medusa, Dazzler, Spider-Woman, and Sister Grimm as they defend their region within Battleworld.


Bennett and Wilson do a great job to include concise little bios with the main characters, to aid the readers with familiarizing themselves with these Marvel heroes and their abilities. While the issue focuses around the few characters previously mentioned, hidden throughout the artwork are various cameos other Marvel characters; Luke Cage and Spider-Gwen to name a few. Additionally, we see a Sam Wilson/Falcon in his amazing Thor Corps. garb. These clues are nice little touches which further raise questions regarding the aftermath of the collision of Earths 616 and 1610. Which other multiverses have characters living in the territory conglomerate known as Battleworld? With Doom being revealed as this new worlds creator, was it him who decided which character would occupy which region? I guess we will have to wait to find out more, as Secret Wars books are released weekly.


A-Force finds the right balance of action and emotion, while establishing the right amount of commentary on the politics of the over-arching Secret Wars story. It doesn’t take Bennett and Wilson long to establish that the heroes of A-Force are physically strong, but also strong willed. The team makes light work when faced with the challenge of defeating a gigantic monster impeding on the safety of Arcadia, but when standing up against the Law of Doom they are seemingly powerless, for now. We will see how long this frailty lasts as the story continues.


Though we will have to wait for another month before issue #2 hits stores, it is worth noting that A-Force has been confirmed by Marvel that it will be an ongoing series post-Secret Wars, so here is hoping for more of the same quality and tone exhibited throughout issue #1.