ABC To Broadcast Buffy The Vampire Slayer; Here’s Our Top 10 Episodes

by | Jul 3, 2015

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of my absolute  favourite TV shows and after finding out that ABC is going to replay the series from episode one starting on July 29th, I figured what better time to reminisce about my favourite episodes and let you know which ones to make sure you don’t miss.

Prophecy Girl – Season 1 Episode 12: Buffy must face off against an ancient vampire who plans to open the Hell Mouth and bring forth demons and evil to take over the world. This is easily the strongest episode of season 1. Packed with action, drama and romance, it really sets the tone for future seasons.

Becoming Pt II – Season 2 Episode 22: The Season 2 finale is a huge moment for Buffy as she has to make an insanely difficult decision in order to save the world. If you’re the type to cry easily then get a box of tissues ready for this episode.


Graduation Day Pt II – Season 3 Episode 22: Graduation Day is a 2 part episode that begins in episode 21 but the major event takes place in 22. This 2 part episode is crammed with so much eventful action with so many of the characters and will certainly shake up all your emotions.

Hush – Season 4 Episode 10: This is easily the spookiest episode of the show. It gave me chills when I watched it for the first time so many years ago. This is by far one of the most “can’t miss” episodes of the entire series and I would have to say is my second favourite to watch.

Restless Season 4 Episode 22: This is one of the more weird episodes in the series and takes place in the dreams of each member of the group. It’s almost like a strange art film but is filled with deep meanings, Easter-eggs and hints at what’s to come in the series.


The Body – Season 5 Episode 16: Without a doubt my absolute favourite episode of the entire show. It’s a pretty serious episode and many people spend the entire time watching with tears in their eyes but its easily one of the best written, directed and acted episodes of them all. Do not stop watching this show until you’ve seen this episode.

The Gift – Season 5 Episode 22 Yet again the fate of the world is in danger and this time Buffy really steps up to the plate to save it. This is also a really major event and being a season finale, it left many people pretty emotional about what will happen next.

Once More With Feeling – Season 6 Episode 7: I actually burst into laughter when this episode came on. I think its better to let you experience it on your own without knowing what to expect but I can certainly say that as strange as this episode is, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

 Grave – Season 6 Episode 22: The entire 6th season is crammed so full of drama you might almost think you’re watching a soap opera. The final episode, however,  doesn’t fail to deliver on action and you may not expect the trouble maker to be who it is.

Chosen – Season 7 Episode 22: The final episode of the entire show. I was really bummed about this show ending but I think it ended in probably the best way possible. It’s a long 144 episodes to get to the finale but it’s well worth it.


Nicholas Brendon will be attending Lethbridge Comic Con this year and I could not be more excited. Xander was probably my favorite character in the series and I always loved the dynamic he brought to the group. He made me laugh and feel good at times when I didn’t –and as lame as it seems, when you binge watch the show for 11 hours a day on winter break, he almost feels like a friend.

I included a bonus Xander focused episode for you to check out. There were many occasions where Xander saved the day and the whole world would have been doomed without him but this is probably one of my favourite demonstrations of his importance to the show.

Warning: The next paragraph will spoil an entire episode but not the season. 

The Zeppo – Season 3 Episode 13: In a group of Slayers, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and other special beings, Xander is feeling left out with nothing to bring to the fights but his quirky charm. After getting a car to try and bring something unique to the group he finds himself caught up with a gang of living dead troublemakers that have built a bomb and placed it in Sunnydale High. When Xander reaches out to Buffy and the gang to help they are too caught up in stopping a sudden apocalypse so he take matters into his own hands and saves the day.

The Zeppo is certainly not one of the stronger episodes in the series but I like it because it’s such a defining moment for Xander’s character. After getting abuse from Cordelia about not being useful, feeling down on himself about not having a “thing” and not being much use against the forces of darkness, he manages to stand up against evil and prove that he is just as important as the rest of them. He gains a new confidence that everyone deserves to feel about themselves. Its sort of an underdog story and I like that kind of thing.