Adlib – Primitive Tomorrow: Fresh & Ferocious This Battle Axe Warrior Represents [Review]

by | Feb 24, 2017

Philadelphia rapper Adlib has released his new album ‘Primitive Tomorrow’ TODAY February 24, 2017 via Battle Axe/Faction Entertainment. The record features Rob The Viking from Swollen Members on production duties and cameos from artists like Demrick, Tab, Jessica Lamb and Ren Thomas. 

From the opening title track on Adlib’s latest studio album ‘Primitive Tomorrow’, which samples an Eminem classic without relying at all on said track to carry it, you know that this MC is onto something fresh and ferocious. That vibe continues throughout, whether it’s a track about getting high (Rebel Hippies) or ‘Sign Language’ which reminds me of that nasty, evil, classic hip hop from the streets – Gravediggaz for example if you’re in the mood for comparisons.


Adlib is a talented rapper and I think ‘Primitive Tomorrow’ is his finest work yet. Singles like ‘Up!’ and ‘Work’ are some of the best rap tracks I’ve listened to in months, especially the latter. Ren Thomas is featured on that one and both he and Adlib work VERY well together – I’d love to hear this duo on an entire album actually – I think their rhymes compliment one another so damn good. Props on the “Hobo with a Shotgun” line — nice.

I also want to acknowledge the production from Rob The Viking… Wow. Now that is how you produce a hip hop record – just so clean, crisp, perfect. I’m not a fan of muddy production and I feel some of the underground hip hop that I love has been impacted by that. Not here.


Album closer PEACE slows it down a little, but the smooth ass guitar lick and chorus from Jessica Lamb fit well with Adlib’s verses. Some rappers have issues bouncing between harsh and smooth vocals, but Adlib doesn’t have that problem – you can jam out or get slammed in the face with his delivery – doesn’t matter. I’m very impressed by this album and although I haven’t been following Adlib since the very beginning, he’s made me a fan with this latest effort and I can’t wait to see him tear up the stage next time he rolls through the great white north.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]