Adrenechrome – Tales From Adrenechrome: A Frankenstein of Everything That is Glorious about Metal [Review]

by | Nov 27, 2015

Adrenechrome’s upcoming new album ‘Tales from Adrenechrome’ will be available November 27th and if you know what’s good for you — it should be on your buy list for the holidays. Your very fucked up crazy awesome headbanging holidays. This record is a monster: a Frankenstein of everything that is glorious about metal and hard rock.

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Hailing from Orillia, Ontario Canada, Adrenechrome consists of Chris “Chutty” Friesen (guitar and lead vocals), Timmay Kehoe (guitar and backing vocals), Matt Copeland (drums) and Mike Van Dyk (bass). They’ve been described as the bastard child of Baroness and Mastodon. That’s pretty damn accurate but it would be even more precise to say that what makes Adrenechrome so original is that they literally incorporate everything that makes heavy music so beloved. Riffs, solos, breakdowns, headbanging choruses, insane tempo changes, more solos and death metal growls out of freaking nowhere….

They literally throw everything at the wall and thank god it all sticks. Usually when a band tries to go for it all – they wind up on their asses. Adrenechrome made a very ambitious record and they succeeded in making one of the most entertaining, bat-shit insane records of 2015.

The band can easily reach the depths of stoner rock influenced drawls on ‘God Sized Shadow’ to Black Sabbath doom and gloom all the way to something that sounds like Cradle of Filth — sometimes all in the same track mind you…. I love when a band isn’t afraid to try and sound different but still pay homage to the best metal bands on earth. That’s exactly what ‘Tales from Adrenechrome’ does – it plays like a greatest hits compilation from all the important metal records of the past few years but still sounds distinctly like these four crazy bastards from Orillia.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]