Album of The Week: Filter – Crazy Eyes

by | Apr 15, 2016

Check out my album of the week right here (Filter – Crazy Eyes) with a direct link to a Spotify playlist so your lazy asses can click right off them phones and start playing it right then and there. It’s the future!

Filter, as always under the leadership of master song creationist Richard Patrick, are back with their seventh studio effort ‘Crazy Eyes’. Moving away from the more standard rock sounds that Filter has adopted on their previous couple records, ‘Crazy Eyes’ is a blistering and bizarre industrial rock album that is both terrifying and captivating. I liken the effort to Filter’s debut ‘Short Bus’, which also had more electronic elements.


I love the direction that Richard Patrick and his new crew guitarist Oumi Kapila, bassist Ashley Dzerigian, drummer Chris Reeve and keyboardist Bobby Miller have decided go in here. ‘Mother E’ is superb, The brilliant and vulgarly pleasing ‘The City of Blinding Riots’ is fist pumping badassery and the Nine Inch Nails inspired, post-apocalyptic anthem of dread ‘Welcome to The Suck’ is fucking genius.

‘Crazy Eyes’ is my favorite Filter album since ‘Title of The Record’. Do not count this band out – Richard Patrick is constantly evolving as a songwriter and this record is some of his finest work ever. Both moving and compelling, ‘Crazy Eyes’ caught me off guard and reminded me of better days when it was more frequent that musicians were taking risks with their art. Thank you.