Album of The Week: Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

by | May 20, 2016

Check out my album of the week right here (Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional) with a direct link to a Spotify playlist so your lazy asses can click right off them phones and start playing it right then and there. It’s the future!

“I once had a shotgun to my head they said I wasn’t worth the bullets, now the world is my trigger and I’m here to fucking pull it!”

  • Lyrics from ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today’

Hatebreed are back with their seventh studio effort ‘The Concrete Confessional’, which was released via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on May 13, 2016. Ferocious, hardcore and metal to the bone this album is one of the band’s best in years. It’s been nice seeing frontman Jamey Jasta do so well with his podcast – I’ve been a fan of his interviews for a long time (since Headbanger’s Ball) and he has a knack for getting into some deep and funny conversations with everyone ranging from actors, MMA athletes and other musicians. If you haven’t listened to The Jasta Show yet – search for the podcast and subscribe – it’s one of my favorites.


Back to the new album though – holy shit. From the opening one-two punch of ‘A.D’ and ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today’, Hatebreed are not screwing around. This is heavy shit – this is HARD music, people and it is much appreciated. I’ve been a fan since the early days so it’s always nice when the new Hatebreed album comes out and it still destroys the room. The band kills live and their records are always a must-own – still – all these years later. But ‘The Concrete Confessional’ is refreshing even more in 2016 because the lyrical content about the American Dream being on it’s deathbed is so relevant, so necessary when we don’t have new albums from bands like Rage Against The Machine or System of a Down… The average working man needs a voice and Hatebreed are that voice right now.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]