Andrew Bigs Releases “I L*** You” from Upcoming Album ‘Think Bigs’ [Exclusive Audio Debut]

by | Feb 12, 2016

San Jose rapper Andrew Bigs has announced a March 25th, 2016 national release date for his new album “Think Bigs”. The album takes inspiration from innovators that have made contributions to science and music, and molds it with Andrew Bigs’ socially conscious rhymes to challenge listeners.

Check out the brand new track “I L*** You” from rap artist Andrew Bigs below:

Check out my exclusive Q&A with Bigs to talk the new single and upcoming album ‘Think Bigs’ right here:

Keven: The new single “I L*** you” is a heavy song and you seem to be carrying a lot of angst in your lyrics on this one. Can you tell me why you decided to take it in that direction?

Andrew: Haha I guess you can say it’s harsh but lite-hearted. I meant for it to be more funny and entertaining but still carry some weight in the content. I think at the heart of the song is this idea that loving ourselves means not fucking with some people. I think you could even say it’s a love song. Except just loving self. Plus, I was just excited to perform it and listen to crowd yell at me “Fuck Youuu”. I live for that shit.

Keven: What inspired the majority of your creative directions when making the new album ‘Think Bigs’?

Andrew: ‘Think Bigs’ started with the want to fully express myself in my music. That ended up having a lot of soul in my sound and me rapping about topics relevant to me. I guess one can call me a conscious rapper but I hate it when a whole project sounds the same like someone really only has one characteristic. And I’ll admit, that was me making music when I was younger.

So I was really intentional about making a project that in compasses all of me: that’s me wylin’ out like ‘I L*** You’, having songs about my family and where I’m from, and having music that has a pointed message. At the end of the day, I just wanted to have fun and make music that I like. And I did that.


Keven: There’s a lot of passion in your projects about giving back to the community in San Jose, whether it be music or film – What specifically drove you to personally approach your career with that mindset? Was there a certain incident that really sticks in your head that prompted that mission?

Andrew: I’m deeply rooted in my community. I know where I’m from and it is a part of my identity. I don’t think I could ever make art that doesn’t somehow reflect that. San Jose is home. My family is generations deep here and my community, the people I love live here. It’s important that I do right by them. If I don’t, they’ll hold me accountable. They know when I’m not me. 

I don’t know if there is one incident that has sparked my need to do work and be a part of my community in that way but I will say that there is one place that sparked that and it’s De-Bug. I walked in when I was like 18 just looking for places to rap and that became my home. One of our first studios was in De-Bug’s basement.

It’s hard to explain what De-Bug is in brief but I guess at its core, De-Bug is a media and advocacy organization. They provide platforms for voices that aren’t heard and do work that changes lives, in San Jose and nationally. That’s my family right there. I’ve been blessed to be able to do work and be a part of things that I could have never imagined that has such tangible impact on people’s lives. In a lot of ways, De-Bug is San Jose. And my art will always have that essence.


****Additional Info on Think Bigs****

“This new album ‘Think Bigs’ is my best work yet. I really took my time to craft this one and develop as an artist and a song writer,” said Andrew Bigs. “This EP is an accurate reflection of myself, I feel like it shows all sides of me. I’m excited to share with the world and continue to grow. I feel like I’m going to keep evolving and I’m ready for what’s next.”

Andrew Bigs has been grinding his way through the ranks of the hip-hop scene with touring and releasing record with an “do it yourself” independent mindset. After releasing his debut album “P.a.s.t. D.u.e”, Andrew Bigs took to the road for a month long tour with Reef the Lost Cauze from Army of the Pharaohs, and Adlib from Battle Axe Warriors for a month long tour across the country.

Andrew Bigs is also very active at giving back within the community of San Jose working with Silicon Valley De-Bug, an organization that coordinates social justice campaigns to advance the rights of youth, workers, immigrants and those impacted by the criminal justice system. Bigs also is a documentary filmmaker having produced the feature film “Exodus From The Jungle”, a film that chronicles the closing of one of the country’s largest homeless encampments located in the heart of Silicon Valley.


The track listing for “Think Bigs” is as follows:

  • 1 – Never Let You Down
  • 2 – Dollaz
  • 3 –  I L*** You
  • 4 – Funkin’ Around
  • 5 – Sorry About That
  • 6 – Young Love
  • 7 – House Party
  • 8 –  A Word From Frank
  • 9 –  That’s Life
  • 10 –  Think Bigs