Announcement: Editor Keven Skinner Parts Ways with Gotham News (Formerly The Daily Blam!)

by | May 12, 2015

After several years writing with The Daily Blam! and now Gotham News it is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from that online entertainment news website that I’ve called home for a long time.

Disclaimer: This article was intended to be published at Gotham News but is now being posted here instead as per request from the editor.



When my editor and partner Pietro offered me the chance to write for a little website called The Daily Blam! (which is now — I jumped at the chance. I had worked in the weekly newspaper industry for quite some time but found the options for producing entertaining content to be a difficult affair in Alberta Canada. Over the years Pietro and I, alongside our site designer John, have been the three amigos, sticking together and writing about the movie and TV shit that we love and hoped you’d find it interesting. It’s because of my association with this website that I had the opportunity to interview some of my heroes including Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard several times and even the late Wayne Static who gave what I feel are his most eye opening interviews of all time right here on this website right before he died.

During my time here, I was lucky enough to get featured in the very pages of The Walking Dead comic as a zombie getting chopped to death on the opening page of issue #91. That crowning nerd achievement would not have been possible without having an association with this website. Pietro and I both met on the forums of a geek news blog ages ago and our bro-mance has blossomed over the years even though I’ve never actually met the man in person because he lives in New York and I’m stationed in the wilds of Southern Alberta Canada amongst the coyotes and backdrops they now use to film Wild Western flicks at a discount rate.


The reason I’m departing Gotham News is because I’m starting my own entertainment news website called Fox Force Five News ( I turned 30 this year and realized it was simply just time to try manning the controls myself and see where I can truly take this online writing gig. All of my old exclusives that I’ve written here are now located there along with a plethora of new and ongoing content so please check it out. Pietro’s version of Gotham News is more based out of the New York area and I just found myself unable to contribute to his vision appropriately so now I’m off hoisting the Fox Force Five News flag.

Thank you to Pietro and John for letting me be a huge part of your website and for all the years of inappropriate and borderline molesty emails. Take care!

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