Another Wolfcop Dares You Not to Laugh at The Most Unsettling Sex Scene in Movie History (Review)

by | Nov 30, 2017

another wolfcop leo fafard

From director Lowell Dean (Wolfcop, Supergrid) comes the sequel that everybody has been craving for years – Another Wolfcop. The Canadian soon-to-be cult classic stars Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Laura Abramsen, Yannick Bisson, Jessica Hinkson, Serena Miller and Kevin Smith. Another Wolfcop hits Cineplex theaters December 1, 2017 in Canada.

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Alcoholic werewolf cop Lou Garou springs into action when an eccentric businessman with evil intentions seduces Woodhaven’s residents with a new brewery and hockey team in this outrageous horror-comedy sequel.

Slam a cold cock and get ready for the holiday event of the year! Another Wolfcop is the wildest Canadian film since… Wolfcop!

Director Lowell Dean’s sequel to his cult classic is loaded with more action, more comedy, more gore, 100% more Kevin Smith and an outrageous shape shifting cult with an even more ridiculous plan to take over Woodhaven. From the opening car chase, which features Lou Garou in full beast mode, the film will automatically sell fans of the first, as Wolfcop smashes his arm through a badguy and proceeds to uppercut punch the dude’s face with the same fist that he just impaled the poor sucker with. Effects guru Emersen Ziffle wasn’t lying when he said Another Wolfcop was going to be loaded with WAY more visual gags than the original. Another Wolfcop is jampacked with so many beautiful practical effects, it put a HUGE smile on this 80’s horror film fan’s face.

another wolfcop leo fafard

Tina (Amy Matysio) is now the police sheriff, while Lou (Leo Fafard) operates as a vigilante murderous werewolf cop from what seems to be an abandoned vet clinic, aka his batcave of sorts. We also see the return of Willie in a clever subplot that actually works even if it really is just an excuse to see more of the hilarious Jonathan Cherry. He isn’t alone however and his disgusting friend that he’s brought with him is one of the most unsettling visual gags of the movie. I refuse to spoil this moment, because it plays into the villains’ plans for taking over the town and I’m floored that Dean went this route, especially because of how much damn work it must have been for Emersen Ziffle to work out all those effects. Another Wolfcop is like the Aliens or the Stranger Things 2 when compared to the first film – and that’s the only clue I’ll give you.

Another WolfCop Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson steals the show as the big bad Sydney Swallows. He’s an enigmatic villain and he really sells that tasty Chicken Milk Stout beer… I kind of wanted to try one to be honest. Or I did anyway… Kevin Smith drops in as the mayor and he also loves that sweet sweet Chicken Milk brew. Kudos to Smith for some of the funniest lines of the year too including the moment when he recalls a porn film he once shot in a bunker that he titled “The C*nt for Red October”. Gross. Genius, but so gross. If the first Wolfcop was funny, and I can tell you right now it was a riot — then Another Wolfcop is hysterical in comparison. Lowell Dean has mentioned that he prefers to film action and comedy, which is easily the direction that his sequel has taken as opposed to the horror-comedy of the first film. For a low-budget indie flick made in Saskatchewan, Canada, the movie looked damn good too I must say. The soundtrack was killer and having Lawrence Gowan – (You’re A) Strange Animal as the theme was a brilliant move. The more 80’s pop/rock – the better when it comes to the Wolfcop franchise. Although I did appreciate the moments of metal that crept their way in as well.

another wolfcop beer

From the subtle (and there weren’t many) moments where Wolfcop laughs at a TV show he’s watching where a doctor tells a patient he has both cancer and aids, to the hockeypocalypse horror show that closes the film, Another Wolfcop is one of the funniest films of 2017. If you thought Goon 2: Last of The Enforcers was the most violent hockey flick of the year, get ready to have your wig peeled back Canada – there’s a fucking tank in this finale for some reason. The new wave of Canadian grindhouse cinema is mindblowing good – from Hobo With a Shotgun, to Turbo Kid – and now both Wolfcop films, there’s a push to blow people’s preconceived notions of what a Canadian indie flick really is. This country is producing some of the funniest, most original and damn terrific films in years.

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Another Wolfcop is a rock n’ roll action horror comedy that dares you not to crack a smile at the most unsettling sex scene in movie history (Yes — they managed to outdo the original – by a mile). I did not see that coming by the way — nor am I sure I really wanted to either. But I’m glad I did? You’ll find yourself internally posing these questions on more than one occasion during the aggressive 80 minute runtime, but in the end you’ll have had one helluva damn good time. Make sure you sit through some credits too for a twisted throwback to the first film in a scene that makes Marvel’s post-credits stuff look like bullshit. Wolfcop will definitely return and when he does, you can guarantee that I’ll be hungry for more. I don’t think I’ll be 100% primed though because goddamn was I ever unprepared for the carnage of the most fucked up “Christmas” movie in years.

Rating: [star rating=”5″]