Archie VS Predator #4: The Gory Conclusion to The Most Entertaining Crossover Event of 2015 [Review]

by | Jul 24, 2015

From writer Alex de Campi and artist Fernando Ruiz comes the insane mash-up mini series from Darkhorse comics – Archie vs Predator. Check out my review of issue #4.

As casualties continue to mount, it’s up to Betty and Veronica to put aside their differences if the gang hopes to rid Riverdale of the Predator menace—but can the girls keep their claws out of each other long enough to keep the Predator’s claws out of everyone?!

Archie-vs-Predator-Issue-4-Cover (1)

I have to hand it to Alex De Campi and Fernando Ruiz because they delivered what was promised: Archie VS Predator in the most literal sense in what were four action packed and ridiculously fun comics. The humor, the violence; two universes collided in a strange and unsettling finish with issue #4 as Betty and Veronica are left battling the Predator when Archie becomes rendered useless after suffering a near-fatal wound. The girls eventually wind up hooking him into some medical device in a panic room that injects the lovable red-head with some super soldier serum and he finally goes toe to toe with the Predator, making good on the promise of the series’ title.

The second page was super gross. De Campi’s decision to show the Predator suck the skin off Dilton’s face after he decapitated him last issue was probably the most disturbing moment of the series. After that, the issue is non-stop action as the Predator hacks and slashes up the remaining three Riverdale survivors. Limbs are severed, there are more casualties and the Predator is never too sure what he wants to do with the two girls – either skin them, murder them or romance them (it seems he’s in love with one of the two chicks – guess which one?) The way De Campi has injected the signature humor of Archie throughout this epic crossover event has been a good decision because we could have went down a bleaker path considering the amount of violence and horror that has descended upon Riverdale.


The gory conclusion was a fitting one but the last few panels were both goofy and unnerving in what could possibly be set-up of one terrifying sequel that will likely never see the light of day. Likely due to the fact that 98% of Riverdale is deceased…. A minor hiccup. Archie VS Predator has been an unexpected delight of horror, comedy and spine tearing fun. The hardcover collection comes out this November so I urge you to pick it up so you can revisit the madness all over again.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]