Atomahawk Issue 0 – Metal Comic Review!

by | May 15, 2018

Atomahawk issue 0 from Donny Cates, Ian Bederman and Taylor Esposito is available now from Image Comics. Check out my METAL COMIC REVIEW right here to find out more.

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METAL COMIC REVIEW – Atomahawk Issue 0

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist / Cover: Ian BedermanTaylor Esposito
Published: October 11, 2017
Diamond ID: AUG170545
Age Rating: M


Behold, puny earth things! A deluxe, oversized collection of the story originally serialized in Heavy Metal magazine, this is the complete adventure of the Cyberzerker and his mighty Atomahawk! Join them on their quest to free their imprisoned God, and find out why GRANT MORRISON calls it: “A screaming black hole feedback squall of death metal Kirby-kozmik energy spinning straight towards your prefrontal cortex. DONNY CATES and IAN BEDERMAN forge a stylish, super-heavy 21st-century mythology of blood, sentient steel, and rebel circuitry. A razor-nova of explosive writing and searing visuals that bury themselves deep in your skull. ATOMAHAWK REX!”

Digital : $5.99
Print: $5.99

Which metal song should you listen to while reading Atomahawk issue 0? Brendon Small’s Galaktikon ‘Triton’.