Bears Want to Kill You Novel Slashes Up Kickstarter from Axe Cop Co-Creator Ethan Nicolle

by | Apr 19, 2018

Bears Want to Kill You is an upcoming book from Axe Cop and Bearmageddon creator Ethan Nicolle. You can currently help fund the Kickstarter HERE

bears want to kill you cover

BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU will be the first honest book about bears ever written. No lies, no propaganda. It’s the hard reality nobody wants to face. Can you survive a bear attack? Yes, but only until it kills you. (except from Ethan Nicolle’s official Kickstarter page). 

Ethan Nicolle (follow him on Twitter HERE) has launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his upcoming **NOT A** satirical novel ‘Bears Want to Kill You‘. The idea for the book stems from his viral marketing campaign to promote his webcomic Bearmageddon using hilarious Bear Attack memes. For just 20 bucks you can get a softcover + digital copy of the book and for another 15 on top of that, the glorious limited edition hardcover. The goal is just over $15,000 and only two days in we are pretty much there to get this book made, so we can rejoice, for now. But be weary of unexpected Bear interference which will no doubt try to halt this project from being made by the deadline of May 18. 2018.

I’ve interviewed Ethan a bunch of times throughout the years and love both Axe Cop and Bearmageddon. I’ve recently indoctrinated my kids (7 and 8) into the Axe Cop graphic novels and they love them just as much as I do. The two seasons of the Axe Cop show they animated are a work of art and it’s criminal that there hasn’t been a physical release of the series, which starred Nick freaking Offerman in the title role by the way, along with a hundred other amazing A-list stars. Go drop some money on this kickstarter for Bears Want to Kill You. It will help. You all thought that zombies were the most likely endgame scenario for Earth, but you’ve all been sleeping on bears and the bears aren’t messing around. You won’t survive longer by reading the book, but you will at least get a nice glimpse into the various ways in which you will die horribly by the paws of your new overlords.

bears want to kill you