Beartooth – Aggressive [Album of The Week]

by | Jun 10, 2016

Check out my album of the week right here (Beartooth – Aggressive) with a direct link to a Spotify playlist so your lazy asses can click right off them phones and start playing it right then and there. It’s the future!

The second full-length effort from Beartooth is appropriately titled, as ‘Aggressive’ is a ferocious album that goes right for the jugular. Fans may notice that there are several musical elements that opt for more traditional rock arrangements over the earlier hardcore style the band was known for, but this record is still heavy as hell. This one is extremely emotionally charged and frontman Caleb Shomo is one of the better vocalists in his field because you can really get behind his lyrics and the angst that fuels them. This band makes relate-able music for the people and I appreciate that.


What I dig about Beartooth is how they always just cling to the edge of radio-friendly rock but their material doesn’t suffer because of it. Think of Five Finger Death Punch in the same way, or Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat – Beartooth really deserves to be in that category of hard rock/metal acts. Their material is harsh, catchy and ‘Aggressive’ is a wicked evolution from their first album and one I find myself playing over and over again as of late to let off steam.