Beowulf: The Untold Saga is Classic Conan Meets Vertigo’s Northlanders from Land of The Rising Dead Creative Team

by | Sep 16, 2016

From 7 Storm Collective, the creative team behind Land of The Rising Dead, comes the highly anticipated Beowulf: The Untold Saga. The original graphic novel is written by Ben Laverock and illustrated by Scott Dewey – check out the details on the upcoming action packed fantasy epic right here.

The old world is gone, destroyed when mankind’s arrogance incensed the gods and provoked Ragnarok, the end of civilization. Yet as the old world fades, a new world begins…

Follow the adventures of Beowulf and his thanes as they traverse the land of Midgard, a realm filled with men, monsters, gods, and demons – a place where the ruin of technology and powers of magic intertwine.

Currently under production, Beowulf: The Untold Saga brings the legacy of the famous Old English epic to life in this uniquely realized graphic novel.


You may remember I reviewed a badass indie graphic novel called Land of The Rising Dead a while back. The original comic book that injected feudal Japan with a dose of demons and zombies, was a hit and creators Ben Laverock and Scott Dewey showed a ton of promise with their debut project. Their new comic is tackling a different part of the world and history for that matter, as we dive deep into the lore of the famous warrior Beowulf and his adventures on the seas battling monsters and facing the end of the world – Ragnarok. One of the interesting new features with this project is the soundtrack accompaniment.

Preview the first couple tracks from “Beneath the Waves,” an original soundtrack composed and produced by Jordan Berg for Beowulf: The Untold Saga, issue #1.

The upcoming project will hit Kickstarter soon so stay tuned for details when the official launch happens. In the meantime check out a preview of the comic below and get lost in Dewey’s breathtaking art as Beowulf and his thanes battle a sea monster. After reading the preview below, it feels like 7 Storm Collective have truly outdone themselves and created something special and spectacular. If you love Viking culture and you’re fond of classic Conan, then Beowulf: The Untold Saga will quench your thirst with epic battles, deep characters and glorious fantasy art that belongs on the shelf next to Vertigo’s Northlanders.

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