Blacklist Union – Back to Momo is Fuelled by Classic Rock, Sex & Reckless Abandon [Review]

by | Jun 5, 2015

For fans of Buckcherry and sleazy party rock comes Blacklist Union with their upcoming fourth studio album ‘Back to Momo’ which is set for release July 10th. This record is front to back a party experience made to be played loud and if possible, inebriated.


Outspoken singer Tony West has said before that due to the several lineup changes over the past few years since starting the band in 2004, that Blacklist Union “is Tony West”. It’s hard to argue his point since he is front and center the driving force of this new album which is a singular blast of classic rock fury, sexual sleaze and reckless abandon. I was unfamiliar with Blacklist Union until listening to ‘Back to Momo’ and I was not disappointed. You get what you ordered with West and crew and what’s on the menu is dirty as hell fun.

I won’t lie and say that structurally the record is flawless because I found a couple songs to be better than others and a couple here and there to be less than memorable. But with those missteps come a plethora of party anthems in spite of — that would fit right in with the late 80’s and early 90’s era of rock n’ roll. ‘Evil Eye’ and ‘Rock n Roll Outlaw’ are my two favorites so far but ‘Alive-N-Well- Smack in the Middle of Hell’ is a fun track in it’s own right. It was also nice to hear a song called ‘Shake it Off’ that didn’t annoy the piss out of me. Thanks Blacklist Union.

Named after an infamous Santa Monica ‘massage parlor’ – ‘Back to Momo’ is a much needed dose of oldschool rock in a musical landscape that is severely lacking in that department. West is one of the most enigmatic frontmen in the business and it’s not often you see such a dynamic singer who freely and gladly oozes this sort of slutty but proud persona. I approve of Blacklist Union and urge you to give them a shot — just as long as you’re up for a shot or 10 yourself while blasting ‘Back to Momo’.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]