Bloodshot Reborn #8: The Most Shocking Chapter Yet for One of The Year’s Best Series [Review]

by | Nov 23, 2015

From Valiant Comics, writer Jeff Lemire and artist Butch Guice comes Bloodshot Reborn. Check out my review of issue #8 right here!

The secrets behind Project Bloodshot are finally revealed!

Festival and Hoyt fall deep down the rabbit hole and discover a much bigger conspiracy than they ever imagined. Meanwhile, Bloodshot must race to stop the nanites from claiming another victim – this time, someone with close, personal ties to Ray Garrison…


I’ve been loving Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot — it’s clever, shocking, violent, extremely well written and paced. I’ve been a little surprised at how long we’ve been pursuing “the hunt” for the other nanite infected killers, but it’s been a great ride. Issue #8 is in my opinion the finest of the Bloodshot Reborn issues since Lemire relaunched this franchise. We kick things off with a shocking battle featuring a nanite crazed farmer in the fields culminating in an insane series of events that I didn’t see coming. Not one bit.

As Ray gets one step closer to obtaining all his little bloodbot beasty buddies, agents Festival and Hoyt come to their own eye opening revelation about not only the Bloodshot program itself but who the final killer really is. As the issue comes to a close — let’s just say holy shit. I loved it – supremely twisted. Lemire has crafted such a suspenseful story arc and this chapter was balls to the wall NUTS. So much so that saying balls and nuts to describe such a frantically paced issue is more justified than it is slightly obscene.


Butch Guice’s art has been terrific since taking over and really adds a different perspective into these characters, all of whom I’ve grown to like — which makes the conclusion of this issue all the more shocking. Wait a minute – does that mean someone winds up dead? Maybe. I can tell you one thing, Bloodshot Reborn is literally firing on all cylinders and it’s truly my favorite Valiant title. And Valiant Comics has had one helluva year with a truly wonderful catalogue of dark and gritty hero books that should make the big two re-think how they approach their combined universes without sacrificing stand-alone series content.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]