‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is an Exceptional Blend of Horror, Suspense, and Comedy (Review)

by | Aug 11, 2022


A fun ‘whodunit’ with twists and turns around every corner that feels familiar yet new at the same time.

Horror and suspense movies are relatively easy to enjoy at a movie theater regardless if the script is good or not. Jump scares, trying to guess the killer, making predictions – who doesn’t love that? When a movie can take it a step further and blend in comedy, it helps separate  it from every other cardboard cutout flick we’ve all seen a thousand times. Bodies Bodies Bodies blends multiple genres so well and that helps make it one of the more enjoyable movies of 2022.

Bodies Bodies Bodies follows a group of rich, entitled teenagers who plan a mansion party as a hurricane is about to hit. Instead of evacuating, might as well party it up, right? That’s what these kids (and middle-aged man) decide to do. What seems like a fun time quickly turns into a party that goes unbelievably wrong.

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Admittedly, the movie takes a little while to get going. The setup is interesting, but don’t be surprised if your mind wonders a little bit as the groundwork gets laid. One thing the script does very well is commentate on rich kids who complain about champagne problems while being infatuated with social media and every cliché they see online. It’s honestly very cringe to see how the characters act at times because that’s how so many people are these days. Once they start playing a game that also happens to be the title of the film as well, the pacing really picks up and doesn’t miss a beat until the credits roll. This is where the blend of comedy, horror, suspense, and friendship drama start to work so well together, especially the timing of the film’s comedic moments.

The movie accomplishes so much in just 90 minutes. The ensemble cast is one of the best of 2022 and is just flat out very entertaining, with every one of them likely being on the fast track to stardom after the film’s release. The two biggest issues with the movie, which can be overlooked due to how entertaining the film is, are the confusing layout of the mansion and the lack of dialogue/development of the lead. For the layout, there are times where it’s pitch black and hard to tell what is going on and where the characters are in the mansion. And with the lead, it’s kind of hard to even say who the actual lead is. Let’s just say it’s Bee (Maria Bakalova). Her character is so quiet and has very little dialogue, so you leave wondering more about her than anyone else. Other than those issues, Bodies Bodies Bodies is so much fun.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies is an instant cult classic that needs to be seen on the big screen. It’s almost impossible to walk about from this film without having a good time. With no spoilers, it has one of the best endings of a movie in recent memory. Go check it out and expect to laugh and bite your nails from the suspense the entire time.

RATING: ★★★★ 

(out of five stars)