BOGART CREEK is Morbidly Hilarious & Loaded with Bizarre Black Comedy (Review)

by | May 31, 2019

Bogart Creek alien

BOGART CREEK Volume 1 is a collection of cartoonist Derek Evernden‘s single-panel comics and is available NOW from Renegade Arts Entertainment. Here is my review:


Collecting the best of Bogart Creek, Derek Evernden’s laugh out loud funny, single-panel comics of absurd and dark humour. Similar in style to The Far Side, Bogart Creek is the laugh out loud book you’ve been waiting for.

Derek Evernden hails from Southern Alberta (me too) and until I picked up a copy of BOGART CREEK, I was completely unfamiliar with this insanely talented and morbidly hilarious creator. Like The Far Side, but with a higher mortality rate, Bogart Creek is a collection of Evernden’s single panel cartoons. Ranging from savage social commentary to playful jabs at cultural phenomenons like Alien and Harry Potter, Evernden’s comics are among the funniest I’ve seen since I was on that mad Perry Bible Fellowship kick. It’s such an eclectic collection of jokes included in this first book, with cartoons that range from ones that your grandparents would love, to panels that shocked me (and I read all kinds of twisted comics).

Bogart Creek alien

From poking fun at the molesty vibes of “Baby it’s Cold Outside” to seeing a Xenomorph chestburster emerging from a toilet bowl much to his own horror, BOGART CREEK runs the black comedy gamut and flipping through the book makes for some of the best damn bathroom reading I’ve ever had.  Evernden’s art is fantastic and his humour speaks to my cold black heart. I don’t know if some people will be put off by the more grisly jokes included here, but I loved seeing a shark wearing a dolphin’s face in order to lure an idiot swimmer into the ocean. This is the kind of bizarre black comedy I live for.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]


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