Bogart Creek Volume 2: Embrace The Madness (Review)

by | Dec 11, 2020

Bogart Creek 2 is available now from Derek Evernden and published via Renegade Arts Entertainment! Here’s my review:

Collecting the latest and funniest of Bogart Creek, Derek Evernden’s laugh out loud funny, single-panel comics of absurd and dark humour. If life scares the hell out of you one minute and cracks you up the next, you’ll feel right at home in Bogart Creek.

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Ever wondered what would happen if Fred Flinstone were to hit a nasty pothole in the road while operating his little caveman car? Look no further than the horrifying, brutal reveal featured within the pages of Bogart Creek Volume 2 from cartoonist Derek Evernden. I loved his first collection from Renegade Arts Entertainment and I must say that his follow-up is even wilder and full of many, many dark and hysterical one-panel cartoons. 

There is literally a bit of something for everyone here, including several pop culture references which I found genius. Hey Derek – thanks for including the hippie teacher from Beavis and Butthead. That made my 90s inner youth extremely happy on the inside and that’s something we can all get behind in 2020 considering… everything.

There are over 130 pages of cartoons included with this collection, which will run you 20 bucks Canadian. Evernden’s art ranges from full color swiss cheese cows, complete with holes, which would look perfect framed up on anyone’s wall as a compelling art piece. But there are also some outrageous doses of black comedy, including what may be the most unsettling tape worm gag ever published.

Comedy is subjective and so is art, but Bogart Creek Volume 2 is just damn smart. The setups are great considering this kind of comic has literally ZERO time for any sort of setup because Evernden has to predict where the reader’s eye will be drawn to first before he even has a chance to land that joke or intriguing reveal. Bogart Creek is the perfect slipstream of comedy consciousness – get lost in the madness people. Embrace it.

Rating 5/5