Calgary Expo 2019: SHAZAM Star Zachary Levi WILL Make a CHUCK Movie

by | May 1, 2019


During his Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2019 panel, Shazam! leading man Zachary Levi told the crowd that he will stop at nothing to make at least one Chuck movie, if not more.

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Even though Zachary Levi has officially joined the superhero club with his incredible performance from this year’s Shazam! — he still has CHUCK plans and he wants the fans to know that he has not given up on returning to the beloved franchise which concluded almost 8 years ago after five seasons. “I will make a Chuck movie,” said Levi — as he then teased that after it happens, that he would love to make another Chuck movie, then another Chuck movie and so forth to an elated Calgary audience.


Photo By Keven Skinner

Levi has publicly spoken about his personal struggles with mental health and admits that although he loves Chuck, that filming the series was also some of the toughest and emotionally draining experiences of his life. “We were making an hour-long action movie every week and it was exhausting,” said Levi. But despite the headaches, Chuck is still on Levi’s mind and I absolutely believe that a movie continuation of the series is inevitable considering his passion for the project.

Shazam! co-stars Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer were also attending the Calgary Expo and it was a blast seeing these young stars having such a fun time promoting the movie – STILL. I feel like the Shazam! team has been everywhere on the planet promoting DC’s latest for the past several months. At one point during their panel, an audience member brought up Grazer’s fear of pigeons and the actor almost lost it recounting a story from when he was four years old saying, “I was outside a Burger King and there was this lady eating in the parking lot and then this pigeon starts flapping in her hair and then blood just started coming out of her head!”Levi and Angel made Pigeon sounds to freak him out some more. It was a bizarre but fascinating story and one of those random convention tales that I’ll probably remember for a long time.


Photo By Keven Skinner

At one point Grazer also mentioned that during the “lightning from my hands!” sequence of the film, that Levi had an on-set meltdown and lost it. He wouldn’t elaborate and Levi seemed confused at the entire thing, which was quickly dropped as a joke? I don’t even know – Grazer is a kid and he was having a lot of fun, so who knows what was a joke and what was real anyway. “Do you see what I have been dealing with the past year?” joked Levi. Grazer and Angel also said that there was a Nintendo Switch on set but that it was Levi’s and that the leading man would play the system between takes while still in costume.

Shazam! is one of my favorite films of the year so far and easily one of the best DC movies since The Dark Knight. Huge thanks to the Calgary Expo for managing to borrow the film’s trio of leading men because they were all hilarious and easily the most entertaining panel(s) of the weekend.


Photo By Keven Skinner