Child’s Play 2019 Teaser Trailer Brings Little Buddi to Life… to Kill Us All

by | Feb 8, 2019

childs play 2019 trailer

Child’s Play is an upcoming remake of the 1988 cult classic which spawned the Chucky horror franchise. From Orion Pictures, directed by Lars Klevberg and starring Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, Ty Consiglio and Beatrice Kitsos – Child’s Play hits theaters June 21, 2019. 

Terror strikes when a woman unwittingly gives her young son an evil toy doll.


Look. There are a lot of angry die-hard fans of the Chucky franchise who are livid about the existence of a Child’s Play remake. It keeps them up at night… it keeps their keyboards and touchscreens awake at 2AM when they feel like releasing those pent up emotions about their love for a killer doll movie series. But you know what? It’s OK… Turns out there’s probably going to be a Chucky/Child’s Play TV series that continues the original line of films that Don Mancini conjured up all those years ago and is still going strong today. There’s something for everybody. Isn’t that what we deserve?

child's play 2019

In Child’s Play 2019, instead of the evil spirit of a serial killer having his soul trapped inside that of a Good Guy doll (aka Chucky), this updated take features an enhanced cybernetic toy called a Buddi, that winds up glitching until it murders people. There’s no Brad Dourif, so don’t expect that signature Chucky voice, but what we do have instead – are Aubrey Plaza (Legion) and Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) playing our two main adults and if you have either of these performers in your flick – I stop and pay attention. Not to mention that producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are behind this effort and they did a little movie called IT (2017) that wound up becoming the highest grossing horror film of all time (not to mention it kicked ass and put the original to SHAME).

Child's Play - 1988

The Original Chucky from Child’s Play 1988

This teaser doesn’t even reveal the new Chucky’s face, so I’ve included a piece of it here so you can compare the 2019 version with the original from 1988. Honestly – it’s not that far off. The OG Chucky wasn’t a scarred up eye-shadowed franken-looking little shit, he was sorta cute in a nightmarishly oversized creepy head kinda way. I would have loved to see the new Chucky’s face revealed in this trailer, but aside from that, I think they really nailed the horror tone of the original movie. If you remember — that first Chucky flick ain’t funny… They didn’t introduce comedy into the Child’s Play franchise until the sequels. I remember seeing that first film, alone, in the dark and it scared the absolute shit out of me. I like what I see here so far though and you can count me in on that Chucky rebirth flavour.

childs play 2019 trailer

That sounded gross.