ChuggaBoom Singer Levi Taurus Lives The Chugg Life 24/7 & Talks Brutal New Album ‘Kevin’ (Interview)

by | May 25, 2017

Soon after their May 12th release of “Kevin” ChuggaBoom’s latest EP, I had the chance to speak with lead vocalist and Messiah of ChuggaBoom, Levi Taurus. The metalcore band hailing from the U.K. has been taking the world by storm with an ever-growing populous of “Chuggalos” behind them since their 2015 album release of “Zodiac Arrest”. During my early morning chat with Levi, he elaborated on the inspirations behind some of their new songs as well as his future ambitions for ChuggaBoom.

Be forewarned, when interviewing the lead vocalist of “the greatest metalcore band on Earth”, it will surely make for the greatest interview on Earth. So tighten your boot straps and hold on tight; you’re about to take a look inside The Chugg Life.

Ashton: I’d like to know about the history of ChuggaBoom and how some of the elements of the Chugg Life began. Tell me about ChuggaBoom’s stage presence. What factors were considered when deciding to be masked and creating your characters? What was the inspiration behind the group’s apparel and appearance?

Levi: The formation of ChuggaBoom is a very complex and long story. One day I will publish, “Chapter 1” of the “ChuggaBible” to help explain; but for now, we are five people who came together after discovering the Chugg Life. We actually can’t stand each other, but the Chugg Life brought us together. Every time we walk on stage we aim for people to walk away knowing that we’re the greatest metalcore band on Earth. We don’t play gigs or shows; we create experiences. It’s important that people leave the venue wanting to come back for more. We are not masked. I am Levi Taurus, John is John. We are not characters. We live the Chugg Life 24/7.


So is it a coincidence that each member in the band has the inclusion of an astrological sign in their name?

Absolutely. As soon as we realised it, we capitalised on that and named “Zodiac Arrest” (2015) to play on it. It genuinely didn’t dawn on us before then. It’ll be great for future merch opportunities.

ChuggaBoom’s music has locked down what seems to be an un-tapped market. There aren’t many songs about vending machines, like “My Mechanical Romance” or about the frustrations of video games like, “Mad Skills Brah.” What is your inspiration behind wanting to write songs that relate to the “Chuggalos” on an “everyday” level, as apposed to a deeper and more emotional level?

It’s simple really. Any time I have some sort of experience, like not receiving a packet of Doritos that I’ve earned from a shitty machine, I take a moment and listen to what the Chugg Lord says to me. He tells me to write about it, so I do. I think Chuggalos appreciate it because they realise that the Chugg Life unites them in so many ways, and being a Chuggalo speaks to them in any circumstance.

How is it that you became enlightened by “The Chugg Lord?”

He visited me in my dreams. He told me I was one of the five chosen ones. The next day, I formed the band.


ChuggaBoom recently released the “Kevin” EP (2017) to the world. What kind of reaction have you been getting from Chuggalos in regard to the new music?

They all dig the fuck out of it. I genuinely have not seen any bad feedback yet. I’m expecting it to come though. “Zodiac Arrest” (2015) is a hard record to beat, but it seems like the general consensus is that we’ve managed it… But of course we did; we’re the greatest metalcore band on Earth.

What was the process while creating “Kevin” and where there any different processes or methods used than when you recorded, “Zodiac Arrest”?

We had a long time between “Zodiac Arrest” and “Kevin” to ensure that the songs were the best they could be. We demo’d the tracks, we showed our manager and he told us to make them less offensive. We re-wrote the lyrics, recorded the EP and then released it. The biggest difference is that Leo [Carter] got a chance to show the world his vocal ability on this record, which adds a dope extra layer.


Could you provide an example of something your manager found too lyrically offensive?

No. He’s banned me from using the words I used. But it was in the song, “My Kick Drums Have Been Triggered…”

What was the experience that influenced “My Kick Drums Have Been Triggered”, the song about not caring about hurting anyone’s feelings?

I discovered Tumblr and it annoyed the fuck out of me. I hate the “Professionally Offended.” Hence that song. The Chugg Lord doesn’t care if you’re offended. Just crack on.

Going into some detail about “Kevin”. In the first song on the EP, “White Mums Can’t Chugg”, there are the lyrics “… We’re not selling out…” and then in the following track “Thnks Fr The Mny”, one of the first set of lyrics is “… We’re fucking selling out…” Can you elaborate on the contradiction between the two songs?



We’ll leave that one at you’re not selling out?

We’ll do whatever we need to do to spread the Chugg Life.

For yourself personally, what is your biggest aspiration for “Kevin”?

I really hope Kevin gets out of the gutter and does something with his life. It’s been quite difficult seeing him as of late. He’s a die hard Chuggalo, but he’s stuck in a rut. It really sucks but such is life.

Oh, do you mean the EP? My biggest aspiration for the EP has to be to get us over to and tour places that aren’t the fucking U.K. I’m bored of this place. We need “Kevin” and in turn the Chugg Life to spread so that we can turn the world into one big ChuggaPlanet.

Are there any plans in the near future for a tour that might branch out to North America?

No plans yet. We’ll see though. It’ll happen on day – hopefully sooner rather than later. I want to see how crazy American Chuggalos can be.


How important is it to you to have and maintain a relationship with the follow of Chuggalos?

Incredibly important. I’m always staying engaged with the Chuggalos who buy our music and our merch, because they’re way more likely to buy new shit when it’s out.

Where will ChuggaBoom be and what will they be doing by this time next year?

We’ll most likely have released another EP by that point and touring a fair bit. That can only happen if people spread the Chugg Life. I’d love nothing more than to head over to the U.S. and Canada but the demand need to be there. Chuggalos, spring into action!

Buy our music and merch. Then we might actually be able to come to your city!

You heard the man! If you want to support the Chugg Life, be sure to pick up your copy of “Kevin” and some of their gear. It’ll probably be the best thing you’ve purchased all year. Seriously.