Constantine Cancellation Sparks Fan Outrage & Stephen Amell Pitches Arrow Crossover to Save It

by | May 11, 2015

After NBC announced the cancellation of DC Vertigo Comics series Constantine, a generous helping of #saveconstantine tweets engulfed the web, one of which came from Arrow star Stephen Amell who had a great idea.

— Hey TV Networks / Netflix and the like… If you pick up the show, I’ll guest star.” – Stephen Amell.

Constantine star Matt Ryan’s response to Amell further sparked conversation:

man, it would be a real pleasure to explore these Guys dynamic .” – Matt Ryan.


Amell wrapped up the tweets by saying, “Can’t wait. Constantine & Queen want to get shit done. Let’s make it happen.” 

Constantine’s television fate had been up in the air for quite some time at NBC. The series was being streamed online in it’s entirety via NBC, likely to see if enough fans would show interest in that medium despite ratings in which the network found to be lackluster. Series producer Daniel Cerone took to Twitter where #constantine was officially a global trend shortly after the cancellation was announced to say this is not the end.

fans are redefining what fan means. In this TV age fans have a voice. YOURS ARE BEING HEARD

We intend to make something happen. Don’t blink. ” – Daniel Cerone.