Daddy’s Home on Blu-ray: The Only Genuine Laugh Involves a Violent Ball to The Face Gag [Review]

by | Mar 22, 2016

From Paramount and director Sean Anders comes Daddy’s Home. Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the comedy is now available to own on DVD and Blu-ray everywhere.

Brad (Ferrell), who always dreamed of having the perfect family, is determined to become the best step-dad to his new wife’s (Linda Cardellini) children. But when their biological father Dusty (Wahlberg) shows up unexpectedly, Brad’s idyllic family life is turned upside down and he must go toe-to-toe with Dusty.


I never thought I’d say this, but remember that buddy cop film that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg did a few years ago? Consider that outing a masterpiece when compared to the tedious and repetitive comedy that Daddy’s Home brings to the table. Look – for what it’s worth, this movie has a nice message about divorced families trying to sort it out for the best interest of the kids, however – the movie is boring as hell. Also – the CGI motorcycle gag where Ferrell winds up losing control and driving it through his house was one of the dumbest and worst looking stunts that I’ve seen in several years.

Ferrell plays the step father in this film, usually we would all consider that part to be the antagonist of the story, but his character is so loveable and caring that this is most certainly not the case. Wahlberg returns to play the biological father who suddenly wants to re-insert himself into his childrens’ lives after being absent for quite some time. They hint that he kills people for a living, and whether or not that’s funny remains to be seen at this point. They do point out as much as possible mind you how tough or in-shape Wahlberg’s character is. To the point of exhaustion. I get it – Ferrell isn’t ripped like Dr. Transformers over there with his borderline mullet.


Daddy’s Home is a constant riffing between the two dads, whether they try to one-up another during storytime for the kids or if they’re buying gifts etc. Ferrell brings Christmas to the middle of summer at one point and tickets to an NBA playoff game. Of course Wahlberg ends up knowing someone on the team when they get there – he seems to know everyone in this film, including a sperm doctor who for some reason needs to show Ferrell how big Wahlberg’s cock is during the middle of an examination with the wife in the room.

I got angry when I should have been laughing during Daddy’s Home and that’s not what they were going for. I just felt bad for Ferrell because everyone else was so up Wahlberg’s ass the entire time that it just became annoying. Oh look he took his shirt off, so his ex-wife is even drooling. Dude! You’re married to Ferrell now, suck it up, cut your losses and don’t joke about Wahlberg’s enormous penis. I get it.


The funniest and only redeeming moment in the movie was a physical gag where Will Ferrell throws a basketball and smokes a cheerleader in the head. That wasn’t a spoiler – it was in every single TV spot and trailer ahead of the film’s release. I laughed – I genuinely laughed during this segment and that was it. The ending was also amusing and features a nice little cameo that I won’t ruin for you in case you like to torture yourself with a film like Daddy’s Home.

The only positives, aside from balls to the face, are the special features. I love how they devoted one to Hannibal Buress, because he was the only amusing character in that house for most of the runtime. Even then – he’s still much funnier than they allowed him to be here. If you enjoyed Daddy’s Home in theaters (why? god why?) then you’ll need to own the Blu-ray because the segments clock in at almost an hour of bonus content. So there’s that…

Rating: [star rating=”2″]


Special Features

The Making of Daddy’s Home: Get an inside look at how the film was made, featuring hilarious cast interviews including Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

Daddy-Off: Sit down with Will and Mark as they discuss how their characters compete to be the “Best Dad” and how they eventually learn to share a common ground.

Daddy Daughter Dance: Join in on the fun as Will and Mark bust out their best dance moves in this behind-the-scenes look at the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Halftime Stunt: Check out the outrageous NBA halftime stunt as director Sean Anders and Will Ferrell break down the hilarious scene when a cheerleader takes a ball to the face.

Tony Hawk: Skater Double: Experience the ultimate reveal as world-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk gets back on the halfpipe while doubling for Will Farrell’s character during the epic skateboard stand-off between dads.

Child’s Play: A cute and heartfelt piece showcasing the incredible talent of the child actors who play “Dylan” and “Megan” in Daddy’s Home.

Hannibal Buress: The Perfect Houseguest: Go behind-the-scenes in this unfiltered featurette about rising comedic star Hannibal Buress and how he became involved in the film.

Blooper – Jeet Kune Do: See the hysterical bloopers of Mark and Will as they attempt to tell the perfect bedtime story.

Deleted and Extended Scenes