Drawn Together The Complete Collection is The Most Creatively Vile Adult Cartoon You’ll Ever Own (DVD Review)

by | Oct 20, 2017

For the first time ever, from Comedy Central/Paramount: Drawn Together The Complete Collection is now available on DVD everywhere! Featuring all three seasons PLUS the feature length film, the raunchy animated series about a reality show for cartoons stars Adam Carolla, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Jess Harnell, Jack Plotnick, James Arnold Taylor and Abbey DiGregorio. 

drawn together complete collection

It’s DRAWN TOGETHER, the show that finally answers the question which has plagued mankind since the beginning of time and stuff: Can cartoon characters coexist peacefully? DRAWN TOGETHER, TV’s first animated reality show, follows the exploits of eight character from across the animated universe living together in a house with a thousand cameras and unlimited access to booze, hot tubs and hand grenades. You’ll soil your pants in delight as you witness the entertaining and morally deplorable exploits of the mystery-solving musician, the superhero, the fat chick, and many, many more (by which we mean five more).

All-new complete collection packaging! Includes all 3 seasons PLUS the Drawn Together Movie, never before available in the same DVD set. Hilarious voice cast featuring Adam Carolla and guest appearances by Jimmy Kimmel, George Takei, Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, Rebecca Romijn, and Carlos Mencia. Packed with special features: Audio commentary, Behind-the-Scenes interviews with the cast and creators, Karaoke/sing-along versions of the show’s songs, Deleted Scenes, and more!

If you’ve never seen Drawn Together… There’s actually not much of a warning I can give you on this. There may not be another adult animated series as raunchy, disgusting, perverse or creatively vile as Drawn Together. This is a three-season long series about a group of cartoon characters living in a Big Brother-esque house where they are in a reality TV show setting. The characters are all playful knockoffs of famous animated characters we’re all familiar with – like Pikachu, Superman or Spongebob and they all range from various different eras of animation. I actually loved that the most about the show – just seeing all these eccentric cartoons from different genres all playing off one another. It’s just a shame that it’s mostly for gross-out gags. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more uncomfortable watching an animated series before. There’s a scene in the pilot where two female cartoon characters are making out with one another in a hottub and it lingers for a VERY long time… Then there’s a song about it. Why not? There are some twisted as hell tunes on Drawn Together. This is not for the faint of heart and I watch South Park… Yes Drawn Together was able to cross more lines than I’ve seen Southpark do, but not necessarily in the most creative or successful ways. Shock value for the sake of nothing else, isn’t a victory.

The series certainly has its highlights. The voicecast most certainly being one of them. Everyone from the iconic Tara Strong to Adam Carolla are all perfect and they do a fantastic job bringing their asshole characters to life. Animated adult oriented shows have come a long way since the series ended 10 years ago. Rick and Morty may be crude, but there’s more brainpower put into that show than most science fiction blockbusters. Drawn Together can feel crude just for the sake of dudes wanting to see animated characters sex one another or do horrible things for no reason whatsoever. That’s not to say it isn’t humorous – because I did laugh at Drawn Together – but I felt disgusting at the end of every episode.

This DVD set includes all three seasons and the feature-length film. Don’t bother with the movie… Made after the show was cancelled, the entire film plays out like an angry hate-letter to Comedy Central, taking stabs at rival shows like South Park and more – it all comes across as a little sad. There are some highlights, but Drawn Together works best as an episodic series. If you loved the show when it aired – this is a must-buy. Hands down – get this today. It is one helluva package – and everything is gloriously uncensored. If you’ve never seen it — I’d be hesitant, because it is one of the nastiest cartoons ever made. But if you’re brave and you love twisted shit – it doesn’t get much more messed up than Drawn Together. The value of obscenity in this DVD package is staggering.

Rating: [star rating=”3″]