Drunk History Season 4: Here Comes Sick-Ass Hamilton on a Flaming Ship [DVD Review]

by | Mar 14, 2017

The Emmy nominated comedy series Drunk History (hosted by Derek Waters) is coming to DVD for it’s fourth season on March 14, 2017. Special guest appearances include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dave Grohl, Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, Aubrey Plaza, Thomas Middleditch, Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Ed Helms, Liev Schreiber and more!

Drunk History S4

“Drunk History” presents historical reenactments from A-list talent as told by inebriated storytellers. Drunken and often incoherent narrations provide a unique take on the familiar and less familiar people and events from our country’s great past with unforgettable results. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer.



I still haven’t seen the musical ‘Hamilton’, but I don’t really need to now because Lin-Manuel Miranda just retold the whole thing drunk as hell and it was a riot. That special episode by the way, was just Miranda for the full run-time which was amazing. Usually, host Derek Waters will interview three different people who each tell their own Drunk History tale. Bonus points on having two women re-enact the leading roles in Hamilton’s story as well while Miranda’s colorful commentary only makes the incredible true story of Alexander Hamilton absolutely hilarious. “Here comes sick-ass Hamilton on a flaming ship. Your ass will never be the same.”


The Bob Odenkirk episode was terrific as well on ‘Shit Shows’, where he tells the tale of a radio DJ who organised a ‘Disco Sucks’ rally at a baseball stadium which turned into a full-on riot. Odenkirk’s drunk narration was beautiful – and that man really hate disco.

Drunk History Season 4 was funny as hell and I’m always surprised at how much I’m actually learning even though I’m getting the information from people who constantly have to stop their story to burp/nearly puke. Imagine your history teacher in highschool was a drunkard – that’s what you get on this TV series and as silly as it is seeing famous actors like Courtney Cox or Michael Cera re-enacting these stories and mouthing the narrators words — it’s also extremely interesting to learn something for once.


Special Features

  • Election Special
  • Extended Drunk Narrator Moments and Deleted Scenes

The Election Special is really just a bonus episode which aired during the 2016 disaster but since it was pre-taped we don’t get any of the horrific fallout commentary, but more drunk stories instead. They were all wonderful too however, so it didn’t really matter at all – you should watch that episode because there’s one dude on there that might be the most wasted person Waters has ever interviewed (his voice was hysterical).

Rating: [star rating=”4″]