E3 Leak Reveals New Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo 3DS; Plus Footage from Ratchet & Clank Game Based on Film

by | Jun 10, 2015

Well its that time of year again where we can see leaked upcoming E3 announcements early and information on games that will be covered in more depth at next weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles California.

Today someone at the studio behind the popular Hyrule Warriors game posted a video showing a new Hyrule Warriors game coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Not a lot of information has been given on this yet but from the look of the trailer its pretty clear to see that this game is going to be pretty much the same Wii U counterpart letting you battle as a variety of Zelda characters with mildly scaled back graphics. I played and loved the Wii U Hyrule Warrior so I’d recommend keeping an eye on this new title.

It turns out Sega and Nintendo are not ready to give up on the Sonic Boom series just yet. Sega will be releasing a new title in the ever unpopular Sonic Boom series on the 3DS. Sega has said themselves that they chose to make this new game for the 3DS because they felt that of the 2 previous Sonic Boom titles, the 3DS  version was the better game to which I would entirely agree.  No release date has been given yet.

A gameplay trailer has been released today for the new Ratchet and Clank game that is based on the upcoming Ratchet and Clack Movie which is based on the Ratchet and Clank games… Its a weird sentence but its an exciting one to get to tell you. This will be the 14th Ratchet and Clank game since 2002 and despite seeming a bit bit exhausted, this franchise always manages to keep the game play fresh and exciting and is one of the games I am most looking forward to playing.