Every Hour Kills – EP: A Supercharged Electronically Infused Melodic Metal Debut [Review]

by | Aug 25, 2015

[Advanced Review] Every Hour Kills are set to release their first self titled EP on Septemer 18th, 2015. Five electronically infused melodic metal tracks are on tap for the band’s supercharged debut, which bridges the gap from the pit to the radio.



If you dig Soilwork or In Flames then Every Hour Kills will quench that signature Swedish melodic death metal thirst. Vocalist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster doesn’t scream much and sticks to his clean and impressive singing, but when he does unleash – it leaves an impact. I tend to appreciate saving those types of lyrical outbursts in order to build tension and Every Hour Kills may lean more towards the melodic style of vocals, but the music is heavy as hell. The guitars on ‘Almost Human’ will give listeners some serious whiplash if they feel the need to headbang – and if they don’t — they’re dead.

Every Hour Kills have delivered an effort that reminds me of Fear Factory’s finest work in several ways too. You really get an electronic vibe throughout the EP and it works when mashed up with the more classic rock and metal sounds the guys were aiming for. It’s not often you can get something that is simultaneously radio friendly but holds up in the pit as well. I see no issue with ‘Almost Human’ being played to smithereens on the air while shirtless dudes smash their heads together in the pit at the show to the same tune.

Ex-Divinity guitarist Sacha Laskow shreds on this effort and really sets a solid foundation for Every Hour Kills, which has huge potential to bridge that tough gap from appeasing metal diehards while still capturing a wider radio friendly audience. Striking that balance can be the death of a band but Every Hour Kills are doing their damndest to rise above such a fate.

Rating: [star rating=”4″]