Faith No More – Sol Invictus Reminds us Why Mike Patton & Crew Kick so Much Strange Ass [Review]

by | May 26, 2015

Faith No More have reunited for their first new studio album since 1997 and it may be cliche but it’s like they’ve never really left. ‘Sol Invictus’ is a superb rock effort in a landscape that has drastically changed since the last time Faith No More were an active band.

I got into Faith No More after the band had already broken up and I never expected a new album because well… Mike Patton seemed perfectly happy just doing his own million other things. He’s one of the best vocalists in the world and I’m a big fan of everything the singer delivers, even when it’s weird as shit.


‘Sol Invictus’ is both classic Faith No More and something else entirely which is great because even though I’m a huge 90’s fan, it’s nice to see a band grow and try new things even if they’re following up a record from 97. Not that one would expect anything less but it was shocking to hear a song like ‘Motherfucker’ as my first taste of ‘Sol Invictus’. That track is both a resounding middle finger to not only radio but the social commentary would make Rage Against The Machine blush. ‘Superhero’ is more in line with the later Faith No More material but it can lean towards metal in a hurry when it wants to.

Mike Bordin’s drums are tight as hell while guitarist Jon Hudson broke out a few solos that actually surprised me – especially on ‘Motherfucker’ — why does that song have a solo? Why not. ‘Sol Invictus’ like many Patton projects can be a victim of it’s own absurdity at times and because it’s inherently strange, it won’t be for everyone. But truth be told, rock music made for everyone just isn’t any fun now is it?

The Fox Force Top 5 Tracks:

5. Black Friday

4. From The Dead

3. Sol Invictus

2. Sunny Side Up

1. Motherfucker