Fight To The Death: Captain Marvel Vs. Shazam!

by | May 1, 2019


Fight to The Death is an ongoing feature where staffers and readers get to vote and explain why one film is better than the other OR whether one fictional character would be able to kill another. This month’s featured rumble is Captain Marvel versus Shazam! UPDATE: WINNER CHOSEN.

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Captain Marvel versus Shazam! Which character would win in a fight? Which film is BETTER?!?! You decide how to vote by clicking the above links and let us know why in the comments:

The battle is over at the end of the month! Winner revealed June 3rd, 2019 ————

UPDATE! June 3, 2019

The fans have spoken and they have voted for:

Captain Marvel with 71% of the total votes cast over Facebook/Twitter during the month of June!

Keven’s Thoughts:

Since both Facebook and Twitter have spoken and spoken loudly in favor of Captain Marvel, my lone vote of Shazam! being the better character/movie just isn’t enough to sway the totals. The people really do love Captain Marvel, despite what some lonely trolls think of her character online, the film was a major box office success and it was the first time we saw a Marvel female-led film so it’s also a historical moment for not only comic book fans but cinema as well.


I thought Captain Marvel as a film, was a good time. It wasn’t my favorite of the recent Marvel Studios efforts and I’ll be honest when I say that Brie Larson’s performance didn’t win me over. I honestly thought she came off as a little flat for most of the film and that much of the “fun” of that movie was because of great supporting performances from brilliant actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Goose the Cat. In short, I dug the movie and would score it about 3.5/5.


Shazam! aka the original Captain Marvel (DC Comics lost the rights to use that name some time ago), is my preferred film AND character in this battle. I thought the film is easily one of the best offerings from DC to date (maybe the best since The Dark Knight to be honest) and Zachary Levi’s performance is so perfect that it’s hard to refrain from commentary like “he was born to play this part” but that’s kinda true. I mean, Shazam! is pure magic: an original, clever, funny and exciting superhero origin story with a lot of heart to back up the spectacle. 4.5/5 – *here’s my FULL REVIEW*

If you were judging the battle simply in terms of hero versus hero – it seems like Captain Marvel would be the better pick on paper with her cosmic powers of flight and energy blasts, but Shazam! literally has every superpower you can have: flight, speed, strength and he can blast people with lightning. His only downfall would be inexperience and the fact that he’s a child trapped in the body of a jacked and lovable Zachary Levi. So maybe he’s not the best trained fighter (Captain Marvel is apparently a super space soldier so she’s scary AF). I would still lean towards Shazam! in favor of winning a straight up battle to the death in this arena, but I understand why people would give the credit to Captain Marvel again in this area too.


Winner – Captain Marvel (2-1) over Shazam!