Finn Jones Reveals Which Iron Fist Comic He’s Reading in Prep & Who He Saved from Drowning on Game of Thrones [Calgary Expo]

by | May 2, 2016

[Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016] During Finn Jones’ panel at this past weekend’s annual CCEE16, he spoke candidly about Game of Thrones and teased what he could about his upcoming starring role in Marvel’ Iron Fist, which is coming to Netflix.

Jones’ flew in for Saturday April 30th to meet the fans even though he had just been filming Iron Fist in New York and had to sleep on the airplane. When asked if he had been reading through the comic in prep for his performance, Jones replied, “I’ve been reading a lot of The Immortal Iron Fist – I love it, it’s amazing.” He went on to say that he’s been training martial arts for months, is doing a lot of his own stunts, but does have a double named David who Jones says is “fucking awesome. He’s badass.” The actor also revealed that he’s been training meditation as well to try and get into the spirit of Iron Fist to coincide with the physical.

Finn Jones and Garrett Wang

Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

Finn is currently sporting a beard for Iron Fist filming, something that panel host (and former Star Trek star Garrett Wang) mentioned as something befitting a castmember of Vikings, to which Jones revealed that he tried to get onto the History TV series twice. The first time he had auditioned for the role of Ragnar’s son Bjorn. The role eventually went to Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig. Jones said he actually tried for a different part the next season but couldn’t do it due to Game of Thrones filming.

Speaking of which, when asked who his favorite Game of Thrones character was, Jones quickly responded Brandon Stark saying, “He’ll team up with those tree people and sit on the Iron Throne by the end.” On the other end of the spectrum when asked who he hates as a character (not the person in real life), Jones replied, “Daenerys. She’s just all white power and going to all these indigenous cultures and take over, like what the fuck are doing?! I love Emilia, but thematically her character…”

Some behind the scenes info that I wasn’t aware of, is that Jones saved actress Gwendoline Christie from drowning in the ocean. During some time off, between filming, the crew were going for a swim and Christie (who of course plays Brienne), jumped into the water and panicked. “I was laughing at first, until I realized what was going on,” said Jones, “So I jumped in and yeah – I saved her life. So she owes me one,” he joked.

When asked about how he would like his Game of Thrones character Loras Tyrell to eventually perish on the series Jones said, “I’d like to see Loras go out in a blaze of glory, but it won’t be like that. It’ll probably be something degrading or fucking awful because it’s Game of Thrones,” he laughed.