Fox Force Five Gaming Update: Diablo Mystery Project, Rising Thunder Alpha Open to Public & Lara Croft Go Release Date

by | Aug 14, 2015

Another week of work has come and gone but now as you sit ready to roll into the weekend you ask your self, “What exciting things happened in the world of gaming while I was busy at work all week?” Well you’re in luck because I’ve got the recap for you right here!

Blizzard Posts Job Opening For “Unannounced” Project


A mysterious job posting has been put onto Blizzards Job Board that simply says “Art Director, Unannounced Project” It also clearly states that its related to Diablo but aside from the obvious job requirements, no other info has been given as to what exactly this project is about…

Rising Thunder Alpha is Officially Open To General Public 


Fighting game veterans Seth Killian, Tom Cannon and Tony Cannon are now working on a project for Radiant Entertainment called Rising Thunder. The free to play fighting game was previously only accessible to those lucky enough to obtain a download key but Radiant Entertainment have decided to go public with their Alpha testing after announcing via twitter that the network test was a success. Go to the games official website to download and play immediately!

Lara Croft Go Release Date Announcement


Square Enix Montreal is releasing a mobile Puzzle game somewhat similar to last years popular Hitman Go by the same studio. This game however will be more animated and focused on puzzle solving by swiping on the screen. There will be 75 levels along with hidden items and boss fights to make it more exciting. The game will be available on Android and iOS on August 27th.

Fallout Shelter Arrives on Android 


No more sitting in envy as your iPhone pals play Fallout Shelter. The game has officially released on Android devices. With the title earning 5 million dollars in the first two weeks, you can bet its going to be worth the free price tag.

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Players Get Free Shiny Rayquaza


Don’t have enough high level Pokemon yet? Well good news! Log in and collect your level 70 shiny Rayquaza from your gift box. It comes knowing the powerful move, Dragon Ascent and is available until September 14. The free Pokemon comes as we get closer to the World Pokemon Championships in Boston from August 21 – 23.

Free SSGSS Vegeta 


Yeah I almost didn’t understand that headline either. Well let me clarify it for you. If you are smart enough to use the home button and saved your 30 uses in the demo, you use this code you can unlock a free character in the Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden game on 3DS.

Smite Xbox One Beta Is Closing


But don’t worry, the game will be officially released on August 19th. Hi-Rez is getting ready for the launch but has been generous to us all and have given us more time to purchase the Founders Pack if you have not done so already. Go purchase the pack and merge your PC account so you are ready to battle next week.

Bonus: The Rocket league update and DLC are now live!! So much for my weekend…