Fox Force Five Gaming Update: Pokémon Go, Apple TV & Take This

by | Sep 11, 2015

Its time again for your weekly update of this weeks hard hitting video game news featuring a short documentary on a very awesome organization.

Pokémon Go Trailer 

The upcoming free to play game will be available in 2016 on mobile devices and will have you catch and battle Pokemon in real world locations. Players will also be able to use an optional Pokemon Go Plus device much like a smart watch and connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and will be used to initiate in game actions. Game Freak’s Pokemon director Junichi Masus will be working on the game along with AR developers Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. This will this either be one of the coolest games I’ve ever played or at the very least a pretty good dating app.

Apple TV Now Plays Games


Apple is getting into the gaming world but it wont threaten Xbox or PlayStation. The box will play games similar to apps available on your iPhone or iPad and will even be able to pick up where you left off on other devices. It will included a motion and touch sensitive remote much like the Wii has been doing for the past 9 years. This new controller will give developers new ways to be creative and better way for the more casual gamer to play their favorite apps.

Destiny 2.0 Patch Is Here and Huge


If you’ve been taking a break from Destiny until The Taken King is released on September 15, you may wanna go check out the latest update. The 17GB download kicks Dinklebot to the curb for Nolan Norths rendition of the controversial voice role and brings with it massive changed to the core system of the entire game including leveling, damage stats, quest tracking and much more.

The Witcher 3’s Next Big Expansion and Physical Gwent Cards


The next expansion to the hugely successful Wild Hunt is called Hearts of Stone and will be available on October 13 and will add around 10 hours of game play to the already massive story. If you purchase a physical copy on the expansion then you will also receive 2 sets of Gwent cards. If you purchased the DLC digitally then you will be given the opportunity to buy the cards. If you purchase the expansion pass you will get the DLC, Cards and the upcoming Blood and Wine add-on.

Pikmin 4 Is coming! And Soon


In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Pikmin 4 is in development “and very close to completion” but does not specify what system the game will be released for.

Nintendo Wii U Bundled With Mario Kart 8 and DLC


If you have not jumped into the kart game yet then this is  your best chance to do so.The bundled version of the console comes with a digital version of the game pre-installed and all available DLC for $299

Final Fantasy V Arrives On PC


The master race can rejoice that they will finally have a version of FFV. The game will be available on steam on September 24 for $15.99 and will include all of the additions made to the Game Boy Advanced version.

Toon Link Joins Hyrule Warriors


The popular Wind Waker Link will be added to the upcoming 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors. Unfortunately he wont be available in Legend Mode but will be in the games other modes. Wii U Hyrule Warriors players will be able to unlock Toon Link via 3DS transfer. Nintendo will be revealing more about the game at Tokyo Game show later this month.

PewDiePie Breaks YouTube Records with 10 Billion Views


Despite what Jimmy Kimmel thinks, Swedish gamer/comedian, Felix Kjellberg broke records and by a staggering amount with over 10 Billion views on his gaming focused YouTube channel. The second highest viewed channel on YouTube is HolaSoyGerman which has 2 billions views and YouTube Spotlight with 600 millon in third place. So how much does a recording breaking YouTube personality make? Well a Swedish newspaper, Expressen revealed that PewDiePie makes around 7 Million dollars a year.

Video Game Releases For September 6 – 9:

Alien Robot Monsters – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Castle Crashers Remastered – Xbox One
Circa Infinity – PC
ClusterPuck 99 – Xbox One
Dragon Age: Inquisition: Trespasser DLC – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Leo’s Fortune – Xbox One, PS4
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – Xbox One, PC
Super Mario Maker – Wii U
Tearaway Unfolded – PS4


Thanks for getting to the end of this weeks article. Please take a little extra time to check out this short documentary on Take This, a very important nonprofit mental health service in the gaming community.

Its Dangerous To Go Alone: The Story of Take This. “One-in-four people struggle with mental health issues. Especially in the video game community, the idea that “no one will miss me if I’m gone” is a pervasive one. Take This was founded to let people know how wrong that is, and that there’s help for people with mental health issues. This is the story of how Take This was founded, and how, in the wake of tragedies, the organization now prevents them”