Friends Don’t Dismember Friends! Watch ‘A Turbo Kid Tale’ Short Film Music Video Now

by | Sep 27, 2016

The video for Le Matos feat. PAWWS “No Tomorrow – A Turbo Kid Tale” has been released!! Rejoice! The short film/music video is a prequel to the hit Canadian post-apocalyptic masterpiece Turbo Kid and is directed by the same movie-making team: RKSS. ‘No Tomorrow – A Turbo Kid Tale’ stars Laurence Leboeuf reprising her role as the magnificent Apple and is available to watch today. 

“No Tomorrow feat. Pawws” is a musical short film for the track directed by our good friends RKSS! This short story is a prequel to our favorite friendship unit, Apple. Follow her in her adventure from the other side of the Wasteland, right before her memorable encounter with the Kid!

Apple was the heart and soul of Turbo Kid – one of 2015’s greatest films and one of the best Canadian movies in recent memory. To see Laurence Laboeuf playing the lovable Apple yet again in this short film was magical. The music is quirky, odd and absolutely fantastic from Le Matos and PAWWS, but if you already watched Turbo Kid, then you know that already and you’re also in love with the music that RKSS utilised.


In ‘No Tomorrow’ we’ll get to see what happened to Apple before she met our hero in the movie and once again it’s sweet, child-like and horrifying all at once. Her companion dies but she doesn’t stop befriending him even when his decomposing corpse rots away. I love the look of the cult that stumbles upon Apple and tries to ‘kill her’? I’m not sure the motives, but the flame-throwing villain and cinematography all look stunning as we revisit the wasteland from the film. If you loved Turbo Kid (and why wouldn’t you?), then you’ll eat up ‘No Tomorrow – A Turbo Kid Tale’ because it’s an eight minute ode to Apple who is probably the coolest character in the Turbo Kid universe.

Watch the music video/short film below:

Music Composed by Le Matos (Jean-Nicolas Leupi & Jean-Philippe Bernier)
Lyrics & Vocal by Pawws (Lucy Taylor)
Cinematography by Jean-Philippe Bernier
Sound Design by Jean-Nicolas Leupi

Written & Directed by RKSS (Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell & François Simard)

– with –
Laurence Leboeuf as Apple
Jean-Simon Leduc as Apple’s Friend
Stéphane Demers as The Cult Leader
Marc-André Boulanger as The Mutant Barbarian